Job Shadow FAQ

What is Job Shadowing?

Job Shadowing is a form of experiential learning designed to give students short practical experiences related to an academic or career interest.  Students are given the opportunity to “shadow” professionals at their place of work.  Students may observe projects, attend meetings, and/or meet with other members of the organization.  Most importantly, students can have their questions answered by industry professionals in a field they are considering as a possible career.  These professionals may also be alumni, parents or friends of the University of New Hampshire, an additional networking benefit to this unique learning experience. 

What is the difference between a Job Shadow and an Internship?

A Job Shadow is typically a short duration of time, from a half to full workday, to multiple weeks, and is often during a student’s winter or spring break.  By comparison internships typically range from 2-3 months or more in duration.  Though Job Shadowing is a form or experiential learning, most of the learning is through observation, inquiry and feedback.  Internships are more involved, hands-on learning experiences where the student will contribute directly to outcomes in the company.  By participating in a job shadow, students have a great opportunity to gain knowledge, experience a work environment, ask questions, and learn directly from a professional.

When does the Job Shadowing take place?

Job Shadowing will be held during January 4th - 8th, January 11th - 15th and March 14th – 18th depending on the host site.

Who can participate?

The Job Shadow program is open to all sophomore students.  There are a limited number of companies involved in the program and participation is selective, determined by quality of resume and application information submitted.  Not all students who apply will be selected to participate in the program.  Some hosts may only accept students from certain majors, which will be noted in the shadowing description. 

How can students apply for a Job Shadow?

Students are required to submit a resume and should describe their interest area(s) in the accompanying email. Students should submit their resume to:  Application deadline is Monday, November, 30th 2015.

What happens after students submit their application?

After students submit their application, the UNH Career Center works to match accepted students with a job shadow that is mutually beneficial for the student and employer.  The status of the student application and host site will be sent directly to the student once a match has been made.  Students who are selected to participate are required to attend a mandatory orientation session on campus in December (date TBD).