Internship Posting Best Practices

The more detail you include when describing the internship experience and the skills you seek, the more student interest you will likely generate.  Whether the internship is paid or not, you won’t get much interest if you describe the intern’s responsibilities in one sentence, or use general descriptions that lack specific details.  Here are some examples for you to consider before submitting your internship posting:

Describe the Intern's Responsibilities

Good Bullet Point Example

  • Helping to design, engineer, and style new products
  • Contributing to product brainstorming sessions
  • Designing and setting up new test equipment
  • Creating and implementing test procedures
  • Designing new catalogs, advertisements and website/blog updates

Good Paragraph Example

“This intern will assist with the day-to-day groundwork that goes into producing television, radio, internet and print advertisements. You will be involved in important research for projects, writing scripts and copy that may potentially be included in finalized ads, aid in designing graphic design and layout concepts for ads, as well as speaking with and helping clients through phone calls and email. You may even work on promotions of feature-length documentary films!”

Weak Example

“The intern will be working closely with the Marketing Department to assist in all areas.”

Describe the Qualifications

Be clear and specific about the types of skills and experience you need.

Good Bullet Point Example

  • Strong interpersonal, analytic and communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and priorities; attention to detail
  • Positive attitude; team player
  • Open to Sophomore, Junior or Senior students
  • Students pursuing a degree in _________ are preferred, but opportunity is open to all majors.

Good Paragraph Example

“Qualified individuals will have strong communication and analytical skills, high levels of commitment, and initiative.  Specific skills/interest in ___________ is preferred.  So, if you are up for the challenge and looking for invaluable and real-industry experience that will impress future employers on your resume, apply immediately!  OPEN to ALL MAJORS.”

Describe the Benefits

Employers may also describe the benefits/learning goals that students will receive from their internship experience.  When students clearly understand the learning goals they can achieve, they see more value in an opportunity. 

Good Bullet Point Example

  • Acclimating to the business environment and attaining real world business experience
  • Exposure to full marketing mix and related tools/programs to support professional development
  • Learning about customer relationship management and its impact on a company’s bottom line
  • Gaining direct experience in all aspects of event planning and marketing
  • Mentoring from high performance marketing team

Describe How Students Apply


Students will send a brief cover letter and resume to the individual listed in the internship description direct via email.  Please list a  contact individual’s full name in the online internship posting form – you can list his/her direct work email address or use an email alias.

Interviewing potential student interns can be done through 1:1 interviews either at your organization or the UNH Advising Career Center at the Durham campus during the academic year.  If you are not in the local area and you have multiple candidates applying for an internship, you can use a phone interview to screen candidates for a follow-up second interview at your organization.


Important Information

  • Our office does not place students in internships.  Some internships will generate a lot of interest and applicants while others may not depending on many variables, including but not limited to: whether an opportunity fits a student’s career development and learning goals, whether the internship is paid or not, amount of available students with matching skill sets, commute time/distance to the internship, the quality and consistency of mentoring and supervision, and number of hours per week. 
  • If you are offering an unpaid internship, you should check with the New Hampshire Department of Labor website for specific guidelines regarding these opportunities.
  • Internship Posting Disclaimer:  Please review the information on the following link for additional information.

If you have questions about the internship posting and interview process, contact: Beth Williams, 603-862-3625