Information Sessions

Here at the UNH Career Center, we are happy to help you host an information session to help build your name on campus.


  • While we are happy to promote your arrival through social media, we are not able to guarantee attendance since class schedules vary for all students.


  • The Career Center provides a room within Hood House that is available for a 1-hour info session during the day. Due to the need for a staff member to be present, info sessions must end no later than 6pm.  This room a smart screen for you to connect to. The room holds up to 12 people comfortably, however, if you anticipate a larger audience, we will need to try and reserve you a room in the MUB to use. These rooms are the MUB’s property and they require a Career Center staff member to be present while an employer is in there with students. Due to this, we are not able to approve info sessions that begin after 5pm.   
  • Food is something that can attract more students to attend, but employers are responsible for purchasing, bringing, and cleaning up the food items provided during your info session. If you are planning on reserving a MUB room, we need to know in advance that there will be food present so we can OK that with the MUB Facilities team.


  • If you prefer to hold your info session downtown, we recommend contacting Mixteca or Libby’s since they have ample space and enjoy hosting small groups. By reserving a small space with them ahead of time, you can market to students that this is where your info session will be held. 

To reserve a room for an information session, please make a request through your Wildcat Careers account.