Getting the Most From Your Experience

Pay attention to office culture

  • Be mindful to how things are done at the organization and stay within the "norm"

Stand out

  • Take initiative to help out wherever you can and have a positive, can-do attitude to exceed expectations
  • Many employers see internships as extended interviews and use them to find and develop new talent
  • Be the best intern they have and you can increase your chances of an entry level job with their organization

Stay focused

  • Don’t get distracted and stay on task
  • Stay away from social media or personal phone calls while at your internship
  • Remember to act professionally and take your work seriously

Dress appropriately

  • Make sure your clothing is appropriate for the environment
  • The way you dress to attend class varies from a working environment
  • Steer clear from low necklines, tank tops, shorts, flip-flops, and hats

Be respectful of others and their time

  • Always remember to be polite when talking with others
  • On occasion small talk may be okay in office environments, but long chit-chats may not be

Develop your skills

  • Dig into what you are working on
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions to learn more
  • If you produce reports or any materials related to a project keep copies and include them in a portfolio to support your resume claims.  Having something to show from your internship experience will help you in your job search.  

Stay in touch

  • Stay in touch with the organization and its people for future opportunities within the company and for professional references
  • Seek out additional ways you can contribute to the organization if you are interested in working there