Benefits of an Internship

Key Benefits

  • Apply knowledge from the classroom to on the job situations
  • Gain valuable related work experience and skills
  • Explore potential careers in areas of your choice
  • Get your foot in the door at a company or organization
  • Network with professionals to build relationships
  • Develop professional references

Article: Why You Should Get a Summer Internship


  • Experience: Internships give you real world experience in a professional job setting. Academic credentials only go so far; employers are looking for students with related work experience and transferable skills.
  • Competitive Edge: According to a recent student survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), graduates who participated in internships were more competitive in the job market than their counterparts who did not. NACE reported that 42.3% of seniors who completed an internship received at least one job offer.  For students with no internship experience, only 30.7% received a job offer.
  • Higher Salary: Students who complete at least one internship earn an average of $6,900 more than their peers who have no internship experience, according to a recent NACE survey.
  • Career Exploration: Internships allow you to explore potential careers to help you choose what professions would fit best.  By 'test-driving' potential career options as a student, you will have direct experience and a better understanding of what path is best for you, as well as discovering what you don't want to pursue - both invaluable pieces of information to know before you graduate.
  • Professional Skill Development: Recent NACE research also shows the majority of an intern’s time is spent engaged in professional activities.  Traditional activities associated with internships in the past – admin functions, scheduling, running errands – make up a very limited portion of the current intern’s workday.  Interns are focused on problem solving, communicating with clients, and project management.  This is as it should be if the focus of the internship is to identify and develop eventual full-time employees.