Become a Work Study Site

Are you eligable to host Work Study students?

Only public and private non-profit organizations may participate in the federal work study program

Benefits of becoming a Work Study site

  • 50/50* split of funding between host organization and UNH Federal Work Study
    • Host non-profit also pays for FICA and other related taxes, so they pay a little more than 50%
  •  Employer sets the hourly wage, but it still must meet NH minimum of at least $7.25/hour
  • Off-campus agencies have no cap on the number of work study students they can hire during the Academic Year (Sept. - May)
    • There is a cap for the Summer (May - Aug.) - usually 2 students

For more information on the Federal Work Study Program, please visit their site

If you are interested in becoming a work study site, please contact Kim Rhine