Advising Handbook - PAUL

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Arnold Garron, Interim Dean

Tamara Rury, Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising

Shane Baker, Ashley Lapp, Lisa Pappajohn- Academic Counselors

10 Garrison Ave, Suite 101, 2-3885

MajorDeclaration/Application Rule

Business Administration

See below for application rules


See below for application rules

Hospitality Management

See below for application rules


No internal transfer option. Students should speak with their advisor for other options.

The B.A. degree in Economics has a language competency requirement. The B.S. degrees in Business Administration, Hospitality Management, and Economics have no language competency requirement. Information on each of these majors can be found at: There are no open majors in Paul College.

Paul College hosts informational meetings once or twice a month each fall and spring semester for current 4-year degree students who have questions about majors in the school. If a student is considering a major in Paul College, he/she should attend one of these meetings as soon as possible to become fully aware of the requirements. Students can find out meeting dates, times and locations from their UACC Advisor or the Paul College Undergraduate Programs Office. If a student has more in depth questions they may meet individually with Lisa Pappajohn during certain hours on Fridays. Please refer students to the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office to schedule an appointment.

Eligibility requirements are reviewed each year and can change from year to year. UNH-Manchester students and Thompson School students have a different application process and should speak with the advisor at their school regarding applying to Paul College.

Declaring a Major in the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

The application period to apply to Paul College is announced each semester and usually occurs the week before finals. Students should check with Paul College Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office to find out the dates of the Intercollege Transfer Application Meetings. Students are required to attend one of the meetings if planning to apply to Paul College for the following semester.  At the meeting, applications, other materials and information are distributed.  Eligibility requirements are reviewed yearly and may change from year to year.    

Undeclared: No internal transfer students may elect the undeclared option after they begin school. This status applies only to new freshmen admitted to undeclared Paul College.

EREC 411 and Paul College:   Once a student is accepted into a major Paul College will allow students who have previously completed EREC 411 to substitute it for ECON 402. However, EREC 411 is not a Paul College course and in order to be eligible to apply, students must have completed two Paul College courses. Paul College prefers that students take ECON 402 whenever possible. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.

Math Requirement: Students must complete their quantitative reasoning requirement (MATH 420, 424A/B or 425, AP Calculus, or approved transfer course) before taking ADMN 420.

Statistics: Students must complete ADMN 403, and a Math requirement, prior to taking ADMN 420. For more information, see Statistics in the Mathematics & Statistics section of this handbook. The UNH-Manchester course of ADM 430, Introduction to Business Statistics, is NOT accepted towards the statistics requirement in Paul College. 

MKTG 550, MGT 580 and MKTG 598: Students who are interested in transferring to the Business Administration or Hospitality Management majors in Paul College should NOT take MKTG 550, MGT 580 and MKTG 598. These courses are designed for students who are NOT majoring in Business Administration or Hospitality Management. Therefore, students considering applying to either major should not select either of these courses. Students who have taken these classes and later major in either program may take the version of these courses designed for majors and could lose credit. If a student has transferred into UNH with similar courses or already took one, please direct the student to a Paul College advisor.


Continuing Education Students who enroll in PAUL COLLEGE Courses:

The PAUL COLLEGE Repeated Course Rule applies to all PAUL COLLEGE courses taken by a Continuing Education student when applying and/or accepted to PAUL COLLEGE.  The Repeat Rule is:   A grade of C- or above is required in each PAUL COLLEGE required course. Maximum of two PAUL COLLEGE required courses may be repeated, each only one time.  ADMN 403 is included in this two course minimum repeat allowance even though it is a CR/F course.  


Competency Exam: Accounting

Transfer students should contact Paul College Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office if they have successfully completed a financial or managerial accounting course at another school. Based on the previous institution, some students may be given the opportunity to take an accounting competency exam.