Advising Handbook - General Academic Information

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(The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known as “The Buckley Amendment,” of 1974)

FERPA permits the University to make public only information deemed “directory information.” More detailed information can be found at the website

Class Standing

  • 0-25 earned credits - First-year/Freshman
  • 26-57 earned credit hours - Sophomore/TSAS second-year
  • 58-89 earned credit hours - Junior
  • 90+ earned credit hours -Senior

Course Load

  • Registration for Credits in Excess of 20
    -Must petition College or School Dean

Add/Drop Policies


  • The Petition for Variance in Academic Policy form is used to request a variance in academic policy; (e.g., a suspension, an overload, an extension on an incomplete, etc.)
  • Discovery Program petitions go to the Discovery Program Committee;
  • Writing requirement petitions go to the Writing Committee.

Grading and Withdrawal Policies and Guidelines

      A       (4.00)  excellent
 A-(3.67)intermediate grade
 B+(3.33)intermediate grade
 B-(2.67)intermediate grade
 C+(2.33)intermediate grade
 C(2.00)satisfactory, competent
 C-(1.67)intermediate grade
 D+(1.33)intermediate grade
 D(1.00)marginal grade
 D-(0.67)intermediate grade (passing grade)
 F(0.00)failure: academic performance so deficient in quality as to be unacceptable for credit

Withdrawal/Leave of Absense