Discovery Program Requirements

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Catalog of Entrance

  • All students must satisfy the set of Discovery Requirements established for their original year of admission to UNH.  Consider this when advising new freshmen, new transfers, and readmitted students. 

Discovery Program Requirements

  • Discovery Program requirements apply only to freshmen admitted to baccalaureate degree programs for Fall 2010 and transfers admitted for Fall 2011 and beyond. 
  • BA candidates must also satisfy a foreign language requirement. No credit is awarded for elementary year college coursework if students have had two or more years of that language in high school. In addition to the particular requirements for specific degrees, all candidates for a bachelor’s degree must obtain a passing grade in a minimum of 128 credits in courses numbered 400-799, and must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.00 for all courses taken at the University in which a grade is given.
  • Discovery Program courses cannot be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.  Academic departments may or may not permit Discovery Program courses to count toward requirements for a major; check with your adviser.

Writing Intensive Requirement

World Cultures Exceptions

  • Students who participate in a study abroad program sponsored or currently approved by UNH with the duration of eight weeks or longer, automatically satisfy the World Cultures Discovery Requirement.
  • The World Cultures Discovery Requirement is waived for international students (including those from Canada) and some permanent resident aliens or students who have lived abroad (excluding military bases and American communities) for a significant amount of time.

Discovery Program Requirement Exceptions for Majors

Note: If Major is not listed, it has no Discovery Program restrictions




The following courses cannot be used to satisfy Discovery Requirements: CHEM 403, 404, 405, 409, CS 401

Civil Engineering

CIE 402 may be used as Inquiry course and ETS Discovery Requirements. ENGL 401, MATH 425, and PHYS 407 satisfy their discovery categories.

Computer Science

CS majors are required to take CS 501, which is a Discovery ETS course.

Earth Sciences, Geology

The following courses cannot be used to satisfy Discovery Requirements: ESCI 401, 402, 405, 409, 420, 501

Information Technology

IT majors are required to take CS 501, which is a Discovery ETS course

Mechanical Engineering

  1. All students are required to take an Inquiry course or an Inquiry Attribute course during their first two years. This can be satisfied with ME 441 (requirement). Students who are exempted from ME 441 due to prior CAD experience must select an Inquiry 444 course or a course with an Inquiry Attribute.
  2. The Discovery Environment, Technology, and Society category requirement is met upon receiving a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  3. The Discovery Social Science category must be satisfied with either ECON 402 or EREC 411.
  4. The Discovery Senior Capstone Experience is satisfied with either ME 755 and 756 or TECH 797.


The following courses cannot be used to satisfy Discovery Requirements: PHYS 401, 402, 406, 407, 408, CS 401



Health Management and Policy

HMP 401 cannot be used as a social science for majors.

Recreation Management & Policy

RMP 570; Cannot use RMP 511 as both a Discovery Category course AND RMP major course, but it can be used as one or the other

COLA(Changes currently underway)



Anthropology majors may use one major course to satisfy both a major requirement and a Discovery Program requirement.

Arts, The

No studio or art history courses may be used. This restriction does NOT include students operating under the 2005-2006 or later undergraduate catalog.


CMN 455, 456, 457 cannot be used for the Discovery Program


ENGL 515 (ENGL 405 and 581 may be used for the major or gen ed requirement, but not both). English 444B may be used for a Discovery requirement since it does not fulfill a major requirement.


Courses can be used for either major or Discovery but not both.


With the department’s permission, courses can be used for either major or Discovery requirement, not both.


Courses can be used for either major or Discovery, but not both


LING 405 or 505, ENGL 405 or 505 (Unless they complete 2 majors)


 MUSI 401, 402, 511, (B.M. Music Education students may use MUSI 501, 502 for Discovery. requirements)


Major department courses taken to satisfy major requirements cannot be used to satisfy Discovery category requirements, with the exception of PHIL 412, which may be used to satisfy both.

Political Science

One of the required 400-level courses (401, 402, or 403) can be double-counted for a specific general education requirement but not for Discovery requirement.


PSYC 401 and 571 may not be used for Discovery. PSYC 402 may be used for either the major requirement of 44 credits or Discovery Quantitative Reasoning requirement but not both.


SOC 502 may not be used for Discovery. No Sociology courses may be used unless they are taken over and above requirements for the major.


No Theatre & Dance courses may be used unless they are taken over and above requirements for the major

Women's Studies

For first majors, students may petition the department to use no more than one class both for a gen ed/Discovery requirement and for the major. Second majors should discuss the overlap between gen ed/Discovery requirements and the major requirements with their Women’s Studies advisor



Environmental and Resource Economics

EREC 411 may not be used to satisfy Discovery Program



Business Administration

ADMN 420 may not be used to satisfy Discovery Program


ADMN 420, ECON 401, 402, EREC 411, ECN 411, ECN 412

Hospitality Management

ADMN 420

Note: the following UNH-Manchester courses may not be used as Discovery courses: ADMN 430, ECN 411, ECN 412