Advising Handbook - Transfer Credit (AP, CLEP, IB)

This is for Faculty/Staff use only. Check with department for official information.

The Office of Admissions evaluates transfer credits at the time of a student's admission to UNH.  Admissions determine which courses satisfy the University’s Discovery Program or General Education requirements and lists other courses which are accepted for credit. Questions about the placement of any course for Discovery or General Education should be referred to the Admissions Office. 

If a student is accepted into a specific major, the faculty in that department will determine which transfer courses will satisfy ‘major’ program requirements. 

If the UNH course equivalent for an AP test is a Discovery course, a student will receive Discovery credit for that test, assuming the score meets the standard.  See the annotation under statistics for the only exception to this rule.

Transfer Credit Evaluation  

Transfer coursework for all new students (transfers, freshmen and readmits) will be entered into banner by the Admissions Office at the time of admissions. A summary of transfer credits accepted from external and internal (TSAS, Continuing Education, UNHM) sources will be listed on the student’s UNH Transcript.

For TSAS to BS/BA transfers, COM 209 will satisfy the writing skills requirement. All other 200 numbered TSAS coursework will transfer as elective credit, except for TSAS math courses, which are non-transferable.

For course credit to transfer from another school, the following criteria must be met:

Revision of Transfer Credit Evaluation

The Admissions Office will revise the credit award if additional information is received that changes the original evaluation. Advisor will be notified of such change. Students can view any changes to their transfer credit award through their MyUNH account.

Transfer Credit for Continuing Matriculated Students

Students submit a Transfer Credit Prior Approval Form available at the Registrar's Office. A copy of the course description from the school where the student wishes to take the class must be attached to the form.

  • A course taken at another institution may not be used under the University repeated   course rule.
  • Transferred courses do not affect the UNH cumulative grade-point average.
  • Transfer courses must have a grade of C or better to receive credit.
  • Credit will not be awarded for any course taken the semester immediately following  academic suspension from UNH.
  • A course taken for 3 semester-hour credits at another institution will be worth three credits in transfer to UNH.
  • Courses measured in quarter hours, term hours, or course units will be converted to semester hours as a basis for determining the UNH award
  • Credit will not be awarded for courses which are substantially equivalent to a course already taken at UNH.

Students who are candidates for a bachelor’s degree must attain the last one-quarter of total credits for the degree (generally 32 credits) at the University of New Hampshire as a matriculated student (this is the “Senior Residency Requirement”). Students seeking to transfer credits that fall into this range must petition through their Dean’s office, unless they are taking these credits through the UNH Study Abroad or NSE Programs.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credits

The University of New Hampshire recognizes the College Board Advanced Placement Examination Program as a means of evaluating a student’s eligibility for advanced placement credit. Students who have participated in the AP program and who have been approved for admission to the University should have the official AP grade reports forwarded directly to the UNH Admissions Office from the College Board, Advanced Placement Examinations, CN6671, Princeton, NJ 08541-6671, telephone 609-771-7300, After receiving the College Board AP grade report, the Admissions Office notifies the student, the student’s college Dean and the Registrar’s Office of any credit award and advanced placement. The University’s policies relating to scores, credit awards and University course equivalents are indicated below.  These policies are reviewed periodically by University departments and may change at any time. No credit is awarded on any examination for scores of 1 or 2. Unless otherwise indicated, there is no credit award for a score of 3.

New AP credit policy is at:

The University’s policies relating to scores, credit awards and University course equivalents are indicated below.  These policies are reviewed periodically by University departments and may change at any time. 


College Level Examination Program(CLEP)

The University of New Hampshire awards academic credit on the basis of demonstrated achievement on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) administered by the College Board:

Credit is only awarded for CLEP Exams listed on this sheet. The maximum credit which may be granted through the College Level Examination Program toward a bachelor’s degree is 64 credits or 16 courses.  The maximum credit which may be granted toward an associate degree is 48 credits or 12 courses.

 Credit will not be awarded for CLEP Exams if the student previously enrolled in an equivalent course at the college level.  This policy applies in all cases regardless of the grade received, including an incomplete, withdrawal, or failure. 

Exam Title

Passing Score


 Humanities508 sh.
Natural Sciences508 sh.
Social Sciences and History508 sh.
English Composition with Essay504 sh.
College Composition *504 sh.
College Mathematics504 sh.

*Replaces English Composition with Essay Exam effective July 1, 2010

 Credit for the CLEP Exams listed above is accepted as elective credit only and may not be used to satisfy any of the University’s Discovery/General Education Requirements. In order to receive credit for the above exams, students may not have earned more than 57 semester hours of college credit at the time they take the exam.  In addition, these exams must be taken prior to the accumulation of 16 credits as a matriculated student at the University

 The CLEP Exams listed below may be taken regardless of the number of credits student has earned.

Exam Title

Passing Score


UNH Equivalent

 Chemistry508 sh.Chemistry 403-404
Principles of Macroeconomics504 sh.Economics 401
Principles of Microeconomics504 sh.Economics 402
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature504 sh.Humanities Disc.
German (all levels)50
4 sh.
German 503
German 503-504
History of US I: Early Colonization to 1877504 sh.History 405
History of US II: 1865 to Present504 sh.History 406
Western Civilization I (Ancient Near East-1648)504 sh.History 435
Western Civilization II (1648-present)504 sh.History 436
Introductory Psychology504 sh.Psychology 401
Introductory Sociology504 sh.Sociology 400

International Baccalaureate (IB)

UNH grants 8 semester credits for each Higher Level IB Examination with a score of “5”, “6” or “7.”  We do not offer credit for scores lower than “5,” nor do we offer credit for Subsidiary Level Examinations.  Further questions about IB credits should be directed to the Admissions Office.