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What is Google Transit?
Google Transit can offer suggestions on how to get from "Point A" to "Point B" using public transportation services--local or worldwide!  Try it today using the interface, below.

  • Click the Google Transit icon below

  • Enter a "from" starting point (e.g. "University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH")

  • Enter a "to" destination (e.g. "Fox Run Mall, Newington, NH")

  • Select "get directions".

  • Enter a departure or arrival date/time. 

  • Clarify your start/end point if necessary.

  • Use directions and interactive map to help you find your transit options.

  • Please note that some directions suggest multiple modes of transportation, including other Transit carriers, taxis, or walking!


NOTE: Google Transit Trip Planner is a helpful tool to view possible transit options based upon timetables of Google Transit participants. Actual trips & timing may vary based upon a variety of factors beyond the control of UTS and Google. Watch this video about how to use Google Transit!



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