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Programs - Cat Courier

What's this program for?

Cat Courier is similar to a taxi service in that you are hiring a ride across campus or downtown to your personal destination.

How long does it take to summon a Cat Courier Ride?

This will depend on timing and demand, but most rides should pick up within 15 minutes of scheduling. You can schedule a pickup in advance if you wish.

How do I pay for the Cat Courier?

Walk-on fares are cash only. The drivers carry no cash (call to find current flat-rate information).

What are some of the restrictions?

Contact the Transportation Services office (862-2328). There are some restrictions applying to reservations, extra passengers, two-way trips, waiting time, advanced scheduling, and more. The Transportation Services dispatcher can explain these restrictions.

What is the Cat Courier service area?

Service is limited to campus, GOSS (Technology Drive) , and the downtown area of Durham (Main Street/Mill Road business area).

Schedule a Cat Courier Run

Contact Wildcat Transit at 862-2328