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Parking - Winter Parking Ban Frequently Asked Questions

Instant WPB status and information: 862-1001 (status updated ~ noon)

What is it?

The Winter Parking Ban (WPB) is a seasonal status change for after-midnight parking use, enforced to facilitate snow removal operations.

When is it?

The WPB will ordinarily begin at 12:00 AM on December first and ordinarily conclude at 6:00 AM on March 31. (If conditions warrant, the start and end date can be adjusted with public announcement). 

How does it run?

Once underway, it runs NIGHTLY, regardless of weather conditions from MIDNIGHT TO 6:00 A.M. until the morning of March 31. During this time parking is prohibited at any time between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. in all but specially designated WPB lots. There are EXEMPT lots and WEATHER CONDITIONAL LOTS (see below). Remember, this ban goes on every night, regardless of weather conditions!

Why do we need it?

The Winter Parking Ban is in place because of the potential for snowfall in this region. On a campus such as ours, snow can only be efficiently cleared at night from lots empty of cars. In order for the university to open for business the snow removal crews need every available minute after midnight. Cars have to be out of the way.

Why do we need it on nights that doesn't snow?

Keeping a consistently-active WPB eliminates the need to guess on the ban's status, and takes into account the prospect of fast-changing weather in New England. During the 1980s we experimented with a policy where the WPB went into effect only on nights it snowed. When it finally did snow, the snow crews spent more time moving CARS than they did moving SNOW.

Why are there so few "weather conditional" lots?

It's important to remember the issue has two sides. The snow-removal crews are charged with a very difficult, high priority assignment to get the campus ready by 6:00 a.m. the morning after a snow storm. The "weather-conditional" lots C-lot and B-lot (all night) H-Lot & T-lot (until 2:00 a.m.), represent a compromise between the car-driving campus community and the snow-removal crews.   Remember, there are also several "exempt" lots (see below).

Why does the ban start at midnight? Why is it so strict?

Plowing the campus is an enormous job. Midnight may seem early for some, but it's precious time to get the campus ready for business. Like any enforcement issue, enforcement starts promptly at midnight because the regulation clearly indicates midnight. To "say" midnight and "act" 12:15, 12:30, etc., is to open up a grey area of that keeps getting later and later. The high fines for a WPB violation indicate the seriousness of the policy, and the high degree of responsibility and cooperation required on the part of motorists.

OK, so where can I park?

Good question. Here is the info on "EXEMPT" and "WEATHER CONDITIONAL" lots, where you can park (map):

Exempt Lots

  • The Visitor Lot, the West Edge Lot, and Section 4 of Lot A are permanently exempt.  Anybody may park in these spaces, but the normal permit requirements resume at 7am the following weekday.
  • Additionally, the Gables, Woodside, E/E1, Mast Road I, and Forest Park resident lots are also "exempt", but available only to permit holders assigned to these lots.
  • OTHER: All hall directors and emergency service vehicles are ok in their assigned spaces. Holders of state-issued disability plates or placards may park in any space designated as an accessible parking space or in a designated WPB lot, but are subject to normal WPB enforcement in any non-designated space.  Athletes who expect to be away on a road trip need to park at West Edge (permit required if parking continues into a weekday). All university vehicles should be put away at Facilities. Service vehicles need to be parked after midnight at the Leavitt Center.
  • If one exempt parking area is full, you must find parking in an alternate exempt area. The West Edge Lot is typically available for overflow for all categories.


Special note about moped parking:  Moped pads have special restrictions.  ALL moped pads, including those in "exempt" lots are CLOSED to after-midnight parking during the WPB.   Campus residents must bring their mopeds off campus during the WPB.  Moped pads are vulnerable to snow kicked up by passing plows.  The pads themselves are low-priority for snow removal, so even off-campus daytime moped users are encouraged to curtail moped use during the WPB. 

Weather Conditional Lots:


  • Lot B and Lot C are conditionally-exempt lots available to anyone right through to 6:00 a.m.
  • Lot T and the faculty/staff section of Lot H are conditionally-exempt lots available to anyone to 2:00 a.m. only.  Please note that the Visitor section of Lot H is NOT exempt, and closes directly at midnight each night during the WPB.
  • Weather-conditional lots are subject to close directly at midnight when a "snow emergency" (plowing operation) is planned or possible.  In these situations, after-midnight parking is reduced to the permanently-exempt lots listed in the previous section.  Vehicles found in a weather-conditional lot during a declared snow emergency will be towed.

Remember, normal permit requirements resume at 7:00 the following weekday morning, so operators without a permit appropriate for the exempt or weather-conditional lots need to have their vehicles moved by 7:00 a.m.! Parking meters along the street and in non-exempt lots are also closed by the WPB.


How can I determine the status of the "Weather-Conditional" lots?

To find out whether these lots are available or closed on a particular night, the easiest way is to dial the Parking Announcement Line (862-1001) for recorded status information. Additionally, the status signs at the entrances to these lots will indicate whether the lots are closed or open. The information posted on the recorded message or on the signs is usually "official" by noon. It is the responsibility of the motorist to correctly ascertain the status of the weather-conditional lots.

Note: Sometimes e-mail and/or social media announcements are made to supplement the official notice posted on the Parking Announcement Line. These are done as a courtesy. Because UTS can't control the delivery and receipt of such announcements, do not rely on these to determine the WPB status. Call 862-1001 or check the signs for the official status.


Remember, this ban goes on every night, regardless of weather conditions. Violators are subject to enforcement ($75 WPB violation, plus substantial and separate towing agency fines!!) so please take care! Remember also that you don't have to be parked the entire night to qualify for enforcement....ANY parking during the banned hours is not allowed!

Please consult the Article VIII of the Rules & Regulations for specific policy, or call the Parking Office for information (603) 862-1010.


Winter Parking Ban Brochure

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Winter Parking Ban Status

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Parking Office

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