During the application process, you might encounter TECHNICAL problems, or PROCEDURAL problems. 


The on-line process is subject to the normal "quirkiness" of the Internet and personal computers.  The problem may lie in one of many places.  Here are a few things to consider:


You might come across one of a few possible impediments to your application.  Below are a few common problems, and what they mean:

Problem:  You encounter a screen that says "Pending Approval".
This feature will temporarily suspend your application if a problem with your eligibility is detected.  For instance, your housing assignment may not be finalized, or you may have an outstanding ticket.  Problems like these would prevent you from being "pre-qualified" to proceed through the process.  So if you receive a "Pending Approval" notice, this just means that your eligibility is being checked out back at UNH.  While you wait, your application is put on hold, and you are neither issued a permit, nor charged for one.  If it turns out there are no obstacles to your application being concluded, your application will be approved, your account charged, and the permit processed and delivered.  You will get a confirming e-mail indicating that your application was successful, and you need take no further action until you receive your permit.  However, if there IS a problem that prevents your being issued a permit, your application will be canceled outright.  You will receive an e-mail notifying you of the problem, and that you need take corrective action before applying again.  In either case, if you receive a "Pending Approval" notice, you should check your e-mail for an application status update.  This would be at the e-mail address you use in your permit store account, and may take several days to arrive. 

Pre-qualification information is ascertained directly from the Registration or Housing Office.  We can not "take your word for it" that your status is different than what these offices tell us.  Pending credits or payments do not apply.  Students whose Registrar's or Housing Office records do not reflect current eligibility will be omitted from the "Pre-Qual" lists, and their applications will be automatically relegated to this status.

  1. Your housing assignment isn't finalized yet. Some students are still squaring away their housing assignment, or that data is still being processed at Housing. If you don't have a housing assignment, you won't be eligible for a resident permit.
  2. You're not enrolled. It may be your intention to attend UNH in the fall, but unless you are an enrolled student, you will not appear on a "Pre-Qual" list. If you only just recently enrolled, it could be also that the Registration Database is still catching up to you.
  3. You are not the class year you think you are. Your class year (SR, JR, etc.) is determined by accumulated credits...not by how long you've been here. The Parking Office strictly uses the information from the Registrar's Office. If they have you down as a Senior, then so will we. We can not use "pending" credits from summer session or transferring credits. When the Registrar's Office advances you to the next year, we will put you in the appropriate pre-qualification list.
  4. You owe fines. Applicants who are otherwise completely eligible for a permit are removed from the "Pre-Qual" list if they have unpaid parking tickets associated with their account. All your other application criteria may be just fine, but your eligibility was held up because of fines. You need to pay your tickets, and you will be put back into eligibility.
  5. You are a freshman campus resident. Sorry. In almost all cases, freshmen campus residents will NOT be pre-qualified. Under the UNH regulations, freshmen residents are not allowed to have cars on campus. Freshmen commuter students may buy a commuter permit. Prequalification for freshmen (and all) commuters requires full enrollment and registration.
  6. You typed your Student ID incorrectly and the system does not recognize you.  Your student ID is a nine-digit numbers starting with the digit 9.  It is not your SSN.  Make sure you type it correctly; one misplaced digit and your application will not go through!

It could also be that your first choice type of permit is SOLD OUT. Sold out permit classifications are not offered to anyone.

Common mistakes & misconceptions:

Fill in your Student ID at the start of the process (no dashes!). 
When you come to the part where it says "if you are applying for a pre-qualified permit, type your Student ID Number below". ALL of UNH's permits are pre-qualified permits, and so you MUST fill in this blank, using only numbers (no dashes!). Remember your student ID number is NOT your SSN.  All student IDs start with the number 9.  In the next line, type in "UNH".

Know what the enrollment periods mean:
CAMPUS RESIDENTS...the enrollment periods for the various class years (SR, JR, etc.) have starting dates, but do not have ending dates. Do not think that just because we've reached the Junior starting date that it's too late for Seniors. Seniors may apply after the Junior start date, as Juniors and Seniors can apply after the Sophomore start date.

COMMUTERS...We do not sell out of commuter permits. You don't need to worry about the enrollment dates, as these apply to Campus Residents. If you are still in the process of enrolling, and you haven't made it on a "Pre-Qual" list, do not worry about missing the boat. You can buy a Commuter permit any time, as long as you are eligible.

Don't leave stuff blank:
Fill in your Student ID number where it asks for it .  You must provide a license plate (no spaces!)  You must register a vehicle with your permit.  If you don't have a car yet, you can't apply for a permit yet.  Don't leave your "school/local" address blank!  If it is the same as your "home/permanent" address, please type it in not write "same".  If you don't have a local address yet, you can't apply yet.

You may also take advantage of the iParq Technical Support contacts. Often, getting in touch with iParq using their phone or e-mail is a better remedy than calling Parking. The on-line permit sale program was written and designed by them, and often they are better suited to address your technical problems.

iParq ( Technical Support: 805-963-9400, 800-676-1611
(M-F, 10:30am-9:00pm Eastern, 7:30am-6:00pm Pacific)