"Sold Out"
(campus resident permit categories)

 The category of campus resident permits you've selected is not available.
We have sold as many resident permits as we presently*  can; there will be no exemptions given.

*Waiting list:

From time to time, permits may return to availability due to canceled orders, withdrawals and other inventory changes. Transportation Services maintains waiting lists to obtain or upgrade your permit. 

A few permits may return to availability at the start of first semester, but most released permits occur at the start of second semester.  Evaluations for 2nd Semester re-availability are done starting over Winter Break, and people selected from the list are contacted via e-mail.

 To be placed on a waiting list:

Private (off-campus) Parking Options: There are sometimes private seasonal parking spaces for sale at Durham off-campus businesses. These are totally unaffiliated with the University, and the availability, terms and conditions of such spaces are entirely privately arranged. The following businesses have been brought to our attention for limited parking space sales...some or all of these areas may already be sold out:

Please click here to a list of off campus parking option possibilities.

Additionally, there are often individual private arrangements made in the neighborhood. Parking Services has no specific information on these opportunities.

NOTE ESPECIALLY that if you plan on driving your belongings to school at the start of the semester, you MUST make arrangements to have your car taken off campus immediately after move-in. The start of the semester is especially busy, and there is no place to put your car.

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