Select your Permit Type:

Below, select the type of permit you wish to buy.  After selecting your permit type, you will go through "Permit School" --a series of statements intended to affirm your eligibility and understanding of the proper use of this permit, campus parking in general, and how to proceed with your application.

IMPORTANT:  '14-'15 Semester II Resident West permits are not valid for use until January 1, 2015.  If you're on campus prior to that date, purchase a temporary permit at the parking office (pending availability, eligibility).

Read through the information slowly and carefully!

'14-'15 Semester II permits:

Semester II


  • Commuter students only (any year).

  • Residence >1 mi. from campus.

Resident West
Semester II

  • Non-freshman campus residents only. Any dorm.

  • Permit valid
    1/1/15 - 5/25/15.

 Grad. Assistant

  • Grad Students with assistantships only.
  • Residence >1 mi. from campus and >.25 mi. from nearest Campus Connector stop. 

Semester II Gables, Woodside, E/E1 and Forest Park permits are being distributed
by waiting list only.  No online sales of these permit types. 
Contact UTS to be placed on the waiting list. 
J-Term permits are sold over-the-counter at UTS.

*Plus $4.95 processing, shipping & handling for immediate sale & delivery.
 Subject to permit availability.