University of New Hampshire

On-line parking permit sales.

Welcome to the on-line permit store, in conjunction with "" by iParq, Inc. 
This secure on-line service will enable you to order your parking permit using a credit card or electronic check, and receive it in the mail.

Here's What to Expect:

In the next 30-45 minutes you will...

Select the type of permit you want to buy, based on your eligibility and permit availability.

In "Permit School" you'll read and acknowledge a series of statements about permit eligibility & use, general enforcement policies, and the application procedure. Link to & read the complete UNH Parking Regulations.  Print a permit information summary for your reference.  Understanding "Permit School" items can keep you from getting parking tickets and will enable your successful not rush!  You will be held to these provisions!  

Link to, where you create an account (or return to your existing account from last year) and carefully follow the application process to submit your order.  Have your student ID number and vehicle information ready.

Note:  If you've ordered a permit online before, you will notice that there is an updated interface and procedure! 
Most significantly, you no longer have to pay for your permit at the conclusion of the order; instead permit fees on your completed order will be transferred to your student billing account! 


If everything is in order with your application and payment, your permit should show up in the mail within two weeks.
You should be able to complete the process in around 30-45 minutes, but DO NOT RUSH!

Students should undertake this process themselves, rather than having a parent do so, whenever possible. 
It is important that the student see and learn the information presented in this application process.