Info Sheet Instructions:

Resident West Parking Permit

Here is information for your Resident West parking permit sticker.
Proper Placement-Click here to enlarge image.

PERMIT PLACEMENT: This must be affixed (not just displayed!) to the lower drivers side front windshield of your car so that it can be seen from the outside. (Remove old permit.)

PERMIT USE: This permit is valid in the following parking lots only:

This permit is not valid in any other lot. You may not park in any area that is not specifically designated as a parking space, even if you're in your appointed lot. The permit is not good at meters.

OTHER: Temporary replacement permits are available at the Parking Office if you need to bring an alternate vehicle to campus for a while. Permanent replacement stickers are available with the return of original permit or $20.00 fee. Your Resident West permit becomes invalid if you move off campus. If you remain enrolled after moving, you may be eligible to switch to a Commuter Permit. If any element of your eligibility to hold a Resident West permit changes, your permit is no longer valid. Permits are not refundable.

This permit and its privileges are not transferable to another owner.

An important word about campus visitors:
(Please tell your parents, family and friends!!)

**Because of space shortages, visitors are NOT permitted in the resident lots at any time for any reason!** Parking for visitors is provided at the Visitor Center, where a permit can be purchased, or at any paid meter. You may arrange a visitor permit in advance if you know your visitors license plate number. On weekdays, parking is available in Commuter and Faculty/Staff lots without a permit only after 6pm, and not before. These lots are open for parking over the weekend. Visitors should be warned about the Winter Parking Ban (see below). During the WPB all overnight visitors are required to park at the Visitor Center. Visitors must stay out of fire lanes (see below) and use load zones only within the posted time restrictions.

It is your responsibility to correctly advise your visitors of UNH parking regulations!

Other Important Information:

"PARKING.NEWS" e-mail bulletins! Get handy weekly announcements of lot closures, special events and other parking-related announcements sent directly to you by e-mail! Go to for easy subscription details.

The completion of your application and issuance of this permit indicates that you, the owner, have read, understand, and will abide by all the UNH Parking & Traffic Regulations and will be subject to their enforcement and responsible for any violations committed thereof by you or any person operating the vehicle bearing your permit.

If you have any questions, please call Transportation Services at 862-1010, or visit our web page!
Have a successful school year!