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University of New Hampshire
Parking Regulations
Full Policy On-line Posting

NOTE: As you consult the UNH Parking & Traffic policy, bear in mind that it is impossible to stipulate every single potential parking/no parking contingency in a manual, or by posting signs. Therefore, please regard anything not covered in the manual as unauthorized, and not as an exemption to things that ARE covered. Parking on campus may only be performed as prescribed in the Rules & Regs.

For help understanding the policies, consult the "FAQ" section of this web page. The UNH Parking Regulations are subject to periodic revision.

The policy manual is pretty long. You may select to download a full copy (.pdf document), or select a link to an appropriate article within the document.

Select Specific Articles:

Article I:        Purpose, Scope, & Authority
Article II:       General Definitions and Procedures
Article III:      Duties of Transportation Services
Article IV:     Registration (priorities, fees, etc.)
Article V:      Permit Classifications
Article VI:     Classifications of Parking Lots
Article VII:    Illegal Parking
Article VIII:   Restrictions and Specialized Parking (Winter Ban, etc.)
Article IX:     Towing / Immobilization
Article X:      Violations and Fines
Article XI:     Appeals
Article XII:    Disclaimers and Declarations

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