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Parking - Online Services Center


Ticket Payments

Parking tickets may be paid online via UNH's secure "QuickPay" process.


To access your parking account you must know either the citation number or license plate

If you do not have this information, you won't be able to log in to the service.  In paying multiple tickets, you only need to know one citation number.  Tickets on multiple vehicles may or may not be combined onto one parking "account", and so might require multiple log-ins.


To pay your citation, please click the link below.  This will bring you to the log-in screen where you will furnish the citation or plate number.  From there, follow the links for "pay citation" and carefully enter the requested information.  Have your payment method ready (takes Visa/MC or eCheck).  At the conclusion of the process print and retain your receipt.


Business Office "holds" are released by mid-morning the following business day after a payment.


 PAY TICKETS NOW (click here).



Vehicles that are towed for excessive fines or other infractions are impounded at Smitty's Towing & Recovery, 10 Dover Road, Durham (two doors down from the Irving gas station in downtown Durham, phone number 868-9785). 


Release of vehicles held for fines requires confirmation of payment in full for the total amount due.  In order to use the online payment option to release an impounded vehicle, you must be able to PRINT/PRESENT your receipt confirming full payment. 


Obtain your receipt and call 868-9785 to arrange your vehicle's release.  Separate towing agency fees will apply.


Ticket Appeals

To access your parking account you must know either the citation number or license plate

If you do not have this information, you won't be able to log in to this service.  Once you are logged in, you will need to know the citation number in order to select the correct ticket.  Follow the links for "appeal citation".  If your ticket is not eligible for appeal, it will say so.


Parking ticket appeals may be submitted online within 10 days of the issuance date.  Appeals of older tickets are not accepted.  Appeals will not be considered if you have other tickets that are unpaid.


Carefully enter the requested information.  Appellants must furnish their FULL NAME, FULL ADDRESS (street, city, state, zip), and e-mail address.  UNH-affiliates (students, employees, etc.) must also furnish their UNH ID number (9-digit number starting with "9").  Failure to provide the requested information could delay your appeal or cause it to be automatically denied.


In the space provided, carefully and concisely write your reason for appeal. 


Hints on writing an appeal:

The appeals process is established to provide a forum for presenting evidence of enforcement errors or extreme extenuating circumstances.  Appeals presenting and/or properly documenting such situations may be accepted.

Appeals will not be accepted when what is presented simply seeks exemption/exclusion from the parking regulations.

Additionally, when writing out an appeal, you should:

  • Keep it brief and to the point, expressing clearly in full words and sentences (no "text shorthand" please).
  • Address the issue of your not bring up any tangential matters or other citations.
  • Avoid temptation to editorialize. We are aware that convenient parking is scarce.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Parking regulations (posted on line) so you know what you are contesting.
  • Abusive, abrasive, sarcastic or profane language will not help your appeal in any way.


Read:  "How to write an effective appeal" (.pdf)


Appeals requiring photos, attachments, or other substantiating documentation may NOT use the online process.  There is no method for submitting attachments.  Please use the traditional paper appeal process (mailed, faxed or dropped off).


Your appeal will be directed to an appeal review officer, during which time your citation is "frozen" (no hold or fees).  Your response decision will be returned to you via e-mail or regular mail in a few days. 



 APPEAL TICKETS NOW (click here).


Other downloads and on-line services:


Downloadable documents and informational publications:


  • Campus Parking Map download (.pdf) click here.
  • UNH Parking Regulations download (.pdf) click here.
  • Campus Parking Info Packet, brochures & map (.pdf) click here.
  • Citation appeal form (paper .doc version) click here.
  • Citation appeal form (paper .pdf version) click here


Other online services:


  • Special Event Parking Reservation & Arrangement Requests click here
  • Permit sales for students are conducted on-line during a limited sales season in the spring/summer and between first and second semester.  When the online store is open, the link is posted on the Parking Home Page.


Please call Transportation Services for assistance.