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Parking - ADA/Accessible Parking
UNH Parking Regulations
Article V, Section 8. ADA/Accessible Permit
(formerly known as "handicap" permit)

  1. The University of New Hampshire does not issue ADA/Accessible parking permits. State-issued walking disability plates and/or placards are required in all UNH ADA/accessible spaces.
  2. The use of a state-issued walking disability plate or placard in University lots or spaces must be accompanied by a University-issued permit, e.g. faculty/staff permit, commuter sticker, visitor hang-tag, etc. In designated ADA/accessible spaces, the accompanying permit may be any valid permit. In standard, non-accessible spaces, the accompanying valid permit must be appropriate for that lot.
  3. Holders of state-issued walking disability plates or placards may park at unreserved parking meters for free up to the maximum number of hours the meter, if fully paid, would allow. The person to whom the plate/placard is issued must be in the car when it is being parked.
  4. After-midnight parking with walking disability plates/placards during the winter ban periods is limited to designated overnight lots and ADA/accessible spaces (see Article VIII, Section 1).