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Parking - Permit Sales - Graduate Assistants ("GA's")

Certain graduate students who live off campus, and who are enrolled in an assistantship program (teaching assistant, research assistant, etc.) may be eligible for a Graduate Assistant "GA" parking permit. GA permits extend the same parking privileges as commuter parking permits, except that they are valid for 12 months, Sept. 1st through August 31st.

GA permits are available ONLY to grad students who meet the standard commuter permit requirements, and are formally enrolled in a graduate level assistantship as documented by the Grad School. Grads who live on campus, even with an assistantship, are ineligible for a GA permit and must apply for a resident permit according to the normal eligibility and availability. Grad students without an assistantship and undergraduate students are not eligible for a GA permit.

The GA permit is valid in commuter parking areas only. They are NOT valid in faculty/staff parking spaces. (Please do not mistake these permits for the old TA/RA permits!).

Obtaining your GA permit:
GA permits are sold online only during the summer/fall online sales period, mid-summer through mid-September (see link on parking home page).  When the online permit store closes, all sales take place at the parking office at the Visitor Center. 


*Graduate students not enrolled in an assistantship (non-GAs) buy regular student permits: info.


Documentation will accompanies your new permit, so that you display your permit properly, park in correct lots, and obey the campus parking regulations. Also, be on the lookout special events or other conditions that change parking lot availability.