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Parking - Frequently Asked Statistical Questions

A lot of people call looking for various facts and figures to do with campus parking. The following figures represent general statistics. Most of these numbers fluctuate during the course of a year and from year to year, so these posted here aren't intended for anything other than giving general information:

Items not found here, such as individual lot designations, permit fees, etc., may be found in the text of the Rules & Regulations, or in other FAQ sections.

Parking Space Allocation (2013)

Total Campus 6866
Mixed Use* 2143
Commuters Only 241
Faculty/Staff Only 1968
Resident Only 961
Motorcycle 158
Moped 331
ADA/acessible 176
Hall Director 26
Departmental 266
Service Spaces 154
Visitor Spaces 293
Meter Spaces 258
Reserved 48
Loading Zone 144
Trailer 34

*Mixed Use lots comprise such lots as A-lot, which is predominantly a commuter lot, and West Edge, which is mostly student commuter or resident.  So when estimating "total available" spaces for any particular parking group, you need to factor in the "mixed use" lots, only with the recognition that these spaces are shared in day-to-day use.

Permit Distribution

Permits are distributed to qualified applicants based on availability. Distribution of such permits depends on category, and varies from year to year.


Resident permits are not sold to exceed the number of resident spaces. Unlike Commuters, who have diverging class schedules such that the entire Commuter population is never here all at once, Campus Residents are potentially all here at once each night. Therefore, Parking can not "oversell" campus resident permits. Moreover, since the Resident Remote lots (Mast Road and West Edge) are MIXED USE lots (sharing with Commuters) then we can not sell every single space in these lots just residents either. Resident Lots at the Gables, Woodside, E, and E-1 lots are sold at a 1:1 permit:space ratio. Something more than half of the West Edge and Mast Road permits are sold to Residents, the rest are saved for commuter and special event use.


Commuter permits are sold to all qualified applicants, and permit sales may and do exceed the number of spaces available to commuters. We are able to do this because there is never a time when all commuting students are on campus. Some have classes in the morning only, some in the evening only. Some come only on Mondays and Wednesdays, some come on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some come every day all day, but in the final analysis, we do not have any occasions where there are more commuters on campus than there are spaces. The number of permit sales varies each year. The amount of permits sold over the course of a regular year is around 3800, with more sold for summer session.

Faculty / Staff

Faculty / Staff permits are sold similarly to Commuter permits, with flexible ratios also the result of divergent working schedules. Faculty and Staff, however, are more predictably on campus during the normal working hours, which is why there are many more spaces dedicated strictly to faculty/staff than commuters. Thanks to the mixed use lots, though, there are also never any occasions when there are no faculty/staff spaces available anywhere on campus. Faculty/Staff permit sales also vary from year to year, but final sales totals are usually in the vicinity of something slightly over 3000.


Other permits are sold to other elements of the campus community. We sell permits for Emergency Services, Vendors, Service, Contractors, Motorcycle, Visitors, etc. Emeritus and Volunteer permits are issued free.

Permit Prices

Discussed in Article IV of the Rules & Regs (scroll down to Section 4 of that article).

Violation Type and Fines

Discussed in Article X of the Rules & Regs.

Frequently Asked Questions



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