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Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

Normal hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Office hours are sometimes adjusted during University breaks. We are closed on the weekends and on University holidays.

When is parking enforced?

Parking rules and regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. But, not all of the Regulations are in effect all that time. Some apply to certain times of day. But don't assume that because is summer or because it is a weekend that certain permit rules don't apply, or that you can park in a fire lane, or something. Please note: rules are exactly the same in the summer as they are any other time! This is a very common misconception!

Can I get a permit?

Maybe (and maybe not!). See Article V of the Rules & Regs or qualifying criteria to review permit types and eligibility requirements.

Where should my visitors park?

See Visitor Parking for details.

I have never been to UNH; where should I start?

The Parking Office and the Visitor Center are in the same building. Start here!

What if my car is in for repairs and I bring another one to campus?

Please come in and pick up a temporary permit. You'll need to know the license plate number of your temporary car.

What if I forgot my permit

You need to come in for a temporary permit. Please don't call and try to describe your car to us. There are just too many cars on campus for us to isolate your car for special consideration!

Can I get a temporary permit if I never bought one?

Maybe. It depends on your circumstances. You can't park on campus without a permit, though. Please don't arrive on campus expecting that you will get a permit for sure. Inquire BEFORE you come.

How do I load or unload items from my car near my dorm?

Learn where the short-term loading zones and parking meters are and use them properly. Abusing them makes it harder for your neighbors.

Why can't I park near my building?

Contrary to popular belief, UNH doesn't have a parking shortage. What we have is a CONVENIENT parking shortage. UNH was founded before anyone had cars, and many of the buildings were built when few people were driving to school. Over the years UNH has been determined to keep a "walking campus", so parking in the campus core is...and always will be...scarce. Therefore, the lots are assigned to permit categories, and it has to be first come first served.

When I come in it takes me a half hour to find my space; what should I do?

At certain times of day, a lot of time can be saved by driving straight to the perimeter lots and riding the shuttle, instead of "sharking" around the campus core lots for a space that may not soon be opening up. Learn what these times are and adjust your patterns. You'll be surprised how much time you save!

Why doesn't UNH build more parking spaces?

Parking Services does not "build" parking space, we simply administer the parking space that exists on campus. If UNH builds more parking space, we will administer that too. For those who do make such decisions, there's more to parking space than just space. Providing more parking space makes demands on the local infrastructure. Durham is a tiny little town with far too few roads to accommodate the traffic that is already coming in. Another thousand spaces in the lots means another thousand cars on the road. Finally, there is a definite cost to parking space, in dollars to build and maintain, and on the environment. These factors are all evaluated in making decisions about parking space.

A lot of times I see parking spaces in lots in which I don't have a parking permit for; why can't I just park there?

There is unfortunately no way to predict or control the parking patterns of thousands and thousands of individuals coming to UNH. The spaces may be free now, but may soon become needed by the people permitted to park there.

Why does it cost so much to park on campus? Why isn't parking free?

Permit prices recover SOME of the costs associated with construction, supervision, plowing, sanding, maintenance, etc. of around 7,000 parking spaces across campus. In the college parking industry, UNH is on the low end of the price scale.

Why are fines so high?

The fines are high because the parking regulations must be obeyed in order to maximize parking options for the many groups of people (commuters, residents, faculty, staff, visitors, etc.) who need parking space. Anyone who disregards the parking regulations tramples on the rights of others to park in their assigned space. The fines are high, but it is a completely avoidable price to pay. All you need to do is be aware of and comply with the rules.

Why are you telling me that I got a ticket, when I don't remember getting one?

Often, people drive away with tickets still on their windshield. Other times, a passer-by removes a ticket for whatever reason. It also happens a lot that someone who borrows your car gets a ticket and doesn't tell you. Once in a while, the wind blows a ticket away. Also, sometimes you just forget! Whether or not you received a ticket does not diminish that a record was made of your illegal parking. We can't control the fate of a citation once it is placed on a windshield. We also can't accept "I never got the ticket" as an excuse to get out of paying...if we did, EVERYONE would simply say that instead of paying!

I never saw a sign that said I couldn't do something?

We just can't put signs to cover every possible vantage point to warn against every possible thing you can't do. Instead, we urge you to look for a sign that says you CAN do something. Call and ask! We'd rather take a minute or two to explain what's what than argue about a ticket later!

What happens if I don't pay a ticket?

For students, this information is reported to the Business Office, and a "hold" is placed on your business account. For faculty/staff, unpaid tickets will prevent you from renewing your permit next year. For everyone else, the information is passed along to the Credit & Collections bureau. Carrying a balance of unpaid parking tickets might result in additional fines, immobilization, or towing. We strongly urge you to learn the regulations to avoid fines in the first place, or at least to keep ahead of fines when you get them. They don't go away!

My car's been towed!  What now?

Vehicles towed for excessive fines or other infractions are impounded at Smitty's Towing & Recover, 10 Dover Road, Durham (two doors down from the Irving gas station in downtown Durham, phone number 868-9785).  Release of vehicles held for fines requires confirmation of payment in full of the total amount due.  Payments can be arranged at the parking office during office hours or 24/7 via the Online Service Center.  You must be able to print/present your receipt from an online payment to the towing agency.  Obtain your receipt and call 862-9785 to arrange the release.  Separate towing agency fees will apply. 

What's the deal with Winter Parking Ban?

See Winter Parking Ban page.

What's the deal with handicap parking?

There are over 170 H/C spaces scattered all over campus. To use them, you must display a current Handicap Permit (state placard) **AND** a UNH-issued permit (student, fac/staff, visitor, temp, or whatever is appropriate). UNH DOES NOT ISSUE H/C PERMITS, PERMANENT, TEMPORARY, OR OTHERWISE. You must go to your DMV. H/C spaces are first come first served, but your UNH H/C permit is also good at meters and in fac/staff or commuter spaces. You CAN'T use one in a service space or a Dean's Space or Hall Director's space. H/C spaces ARE WPB-exempt.

What's the deal with motorcycle/moped parking?

See motorcycle/moped info page.

Do I have options besides bringing a car on campus?

The Wildcat Transit system covers a lot of local housing. It might be perfect for you! Check it out!

How am I supposed to know all this stuff?

Well, it's posted here, so you're off to the right start. Also, there are signs at the entrances to every single lot on campus indicating the permit requirements that exist in that lot. Remember, to park on campus, the responsibility to learn and comply with the rules falls on YOU.

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