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Parking - Application for Special Event Parking

Please complete the following form and click on "submit". Be sure to fill in all fields, and use the provided space to describe your event and what parking arrangements you would like to have for your event.

Once submitted, this information will be delivered to the supervisor of special events, who will try to meet your request in view of other special events and normal daily requirements. You will receive a return contact to iron out the details.

Arrangements subject to charge...see complete Event Rate Sheet.

Enter Event Information.

Event Title:                

Event Location:          
(building, field, etc.)

Sponsoring Dept.       
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Off Campus Org.       
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Date of Event, Start:           

Time of Event, Start:          

Date of Event, End:            
(For one-day events, make end date same as start date)

Time of Event, End:           

Is this event:       
One day only?
On several successive days?
Scheduled for non-successive days? (Explain in details box, below)

Anticipated participants:        Anticipated Vehicles:   
Note:  In most circumstances, there will be a $10/space charge.
Other charges may apply.  See complete Event Rate Sheet.

Please give a full description of your special event request:

Enter Contact Information:

Encumbrance Number     

(Charges associated with some special event arrangements.  Set up your Encumbrance Number at the time of this request.  You will receive an estimated cost for the event, which you should then apply to the Encumbrance account.  The Encumbrance account must have funds for the estimated amount before the event takes place, or the arrangements will be canceled.  Funds will be withdrawn within about 60 days of the event. Payments may also be made by cash or check at the Transportation Office at the Visitor Center).

Once the event arrangements are confirmed, if the event gets canceled or needs to be rescheduled, there will be a $50 fee charged to the organizing group/department.  See complete Event Rate Sheet.

Contact Person Name:   

Contact Person Phone:      

Contact Person e-mail:   

Contact Person address:

If finished, click "Submit", or "Reset" to start over.



Event Requests Tip

All event requests should be made at least two weeks prior to the event.