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Clicker Instruction Best Practices


Clickers as Teaching and Learning Tools

For over a decade many UNH faculty members have been employing hand held peer-instruction devices (informally known as clickers) for a variety of instructional purposes. Originally used as a means of  increasing student engagement in large enrollment courses, clickers are now being used in classes of any size to enhance and assess student learning.

As is the case with any classroom technology, clickers can be effective only when they serve clearly thought-out pedagogical purpose and when they fit in with a coherent course design. Students won’t want to spend their money on a device that has value only as a gimmick or as an easy way for a professor to keep track of attendance in a large lecture class.

The first of the following two links makes a claim for the pedagogical value of clickers, and the second offers some useful tips about how to use them and how to frame effective “clicker questions” in different subject areas.