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GRAD 980


Dr. Michael Lee
Michael Lee serves as Associate Director for Graduate Programs in College Teaching at the University of New Hampshire's Center for Teaching Excellence, where he participates in all aspects of the program's operation. From 2001-04 his primary responsibilities involved the implementation and coordination of a $500,000 Department of Education grant to disseminate the UNH model for academic programs in College Teaching. In this capacity he worked with faculty and with senior academic administrators at other PACT (Partnership for Academic programs in College Teaching) institutions: the University of Connecticut, Howard University, the University of Maine, Syracuse University, Tufts University's Department of Computer Science, and the Colleges of Worcester Consortium. A continuing outcome of this dissemination effort is the UNH Graduate Certificate in College Teaching, now a regular component of UNH's Academic Program in College Teaching.

Michael holds a Ph.D. in English from UNH, an M.A. from Northeastern University, and a B.A. from Seton Hall University. As an affiliate Associate Professor in the College Teaching program, he regularly teaches Issues in College Teaching and the online course Foundations in College Teaching.

Before coming to the Center for Teaching Excellence in January, 2001, he was a member of the UNH English department, where for twelve years he taught a variety of courses in American Literature and in college writing. He has also taught at New Hampshire College and at Northeastern University. Outside of academia he has worked as an independent researcher/writer for Newsweek magazine's Education Program, developing and writing educational resources. He also co-wrote Newsweek's "English Review," a weekly ESL curriculum used throughout Europe. In addition, he has worked as an educational consultant and writer for the ATLAS Communities, an education reform design group. He has published critical reviews on a wide range of American and English authors.

Michael and his wife, Wanda McDonough, reside in Kittery Point, Maine. They have three children.