There are eight councils that are designed to deal with all aspects of the University. These councils are the foundation for all resolutions. Student Senators are members of at least one council. Learn about each council by visiting the links below.

Academic Affairs deals with anything that falls into the realm of academics or the judicial system of the University. This council deals with anything involving specific colleges, building and academic policies that fall under them. This chair will work closely with the faculty senate, deans, and provost's office. Some of the legislation from the past include expanding wireless, posting course book list online, the study abroad policy, and increasing library hours.

Matthew Larson

Will oversee a broad range of issues including environmental issues, constructions and renovations, parking issues, and wildcat transit. This council sits on the Transportation Policy Committee, the Space Allocation, Repairs, and Renovation Committee (SARRC), and should stay in contact with the Office of Sustainability. Issues this council has worked on in the past include lowering parking fines, moving the trailers that used to be in C-lot, creating more parking spaces, constructing better and safer walkways, and better snow removal.

Works on issues involving multicultural, diversity and safety issues in the UNH community. The following are a few organizations it works with: OMSA, The Office of Community Services and Learning, The President Commission on the Status of Women, The President Commission on the Status of People with Color, The President's Taskforce of GLBT Issues, DSC, and Peace and Justice League. In the past, issues worked on have been campus safety, creating gender neutral bathrooms, Red Cross Discrimination, NH Fair Labor Laws, the University calendar and its recognition of non-Christian holidays.

Will be representing every undergraduate student who lives off campus. They work to identify commuter concerns and represent them in Student Senate. They will be knowledgeable in the neighboring towns of Durham like Dover, Newmarket, Portsmouth, Lee and any other towns that have UNH students living in them. They will be responsible for recruitment of commuter senators.
Works to facilitate a relationship between the UNH student body and all organizations and institutions outside of the university, such as the Town of Durham and the Senate of Hew Hampshire. They will work closely with the Durham Town Council, the Durham rental housing commission, Durham Town administration, the NH Legislature, USNH Trustee, Alumni Association, and Parents' Association. In the past they've worked to make recommendation on NH State Legislation.
Responsible for dealing with health education and concerns that arise on campus. It serves as a representative from Senate to Health Services, Disability Services for students, the Counseling Center, SHARPP, and Dining, among others. The HHS works closely with these organizations to promote a healthy lifestyle for students, as well as advocate positive change on campus in order to benefit their health-related issues. In the past this council has worked with administration to increase the amount of blue emergency lights on campus, address the issue of mandatory health insurance, alcohol-related issues (Alcohol Awareness Weekend), and the Dining Take Out Meal Program.
Deals with oversight of the University Conduct System, especially regarding issues of consistency and fairness to students. This council strives to educate the student body around policies of the Office of Community Standards (OCS) and provide information to students about the most common violations of the code of conduct and the most common sanctions imposed through OCS. This council also deals with Student Legal Services. They perform an annual review of the Legal Services contract and services offered and oversee the bid process, every three years. the final issue this council deals with is the local police. They are concerned primarily with fairness, consistency and adherence to departmental policies and constitutional rights.
Will be the link between Student Senate and Greek Life and the issues that come from this. They will represent Student Senate to the Inter-fraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic and Coordinator of Greek Affairs. They will maintain these relationships through attending their regular meetings. They should keep close connection to the Greek Presidents. They will also work to keep Greek representation on Student Senate at the highest possible.