Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Breaking Silos, Scrambling Categories: Integrating the Academy Horizontally and Vertically
Mil Duncan, Director, Carsey Institute; Professor, Department of Sociology
Dave Ellis, Director Emeritus, UNH Foundation; President Emeritus, Museum of Science; President Emeritus, Lafayette College    
Kevin Gardner, Associate Professor, Environmental Research, Environmental Research Group
Jennifer Murray, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Lisa Townson, Extension Specialist, Program Development & Evaluation, Cooperative Extension
Research: New Frontiers and Old Challenges
Joe Klewicki, Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Dean, College of Engineering and Physical Science
Jan Nisbet, Director, Institute on Disability
Sherry Vellucci, Dean, University Library

Teaching and Learning: Modalities, Technology and Contexts in the 21st Century
Chris Bauer, Professor, Chair, Chemistry Department
Ross Gittell, James R. Carter Professor, Management
Paula Salvio, Professor, Education
Affordability and Access: Developing a Sustainable and Socially Responsible Business Model for UNH
Sharon Demers, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Janet Polasky, Professor, History and Women’s Studies
David Proulx, Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Budget (ex-officio)
Mark Rubinstein, Interim Vice President for Advancement
Hank Stebbins, Attorney and Member of the USNH Board of Trustees
Peggy Sullivan, Associate Vice President for Advancement/Development
New Markets: Generating Resources to Meet Core Missions
Estelle Hrabak, Associate Professor, Dept. of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences; Co-Chair, Genetics Graduate Program
Dan Innis, Dean, Whittemore School of Business and Economics
Jim Varn, Assistant Provost, Director, Master of Public Administration Program (ex officio)
Frank Wells, Senior Vice President, Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc.

Student Experience: UNH as a Student-Centered Institution
Vicki Banyard, Professor, Psychology
Matty Leighton, Administrative Assistant III, Family Studies; Chair, Operating Staff Council
Alissa Marchant, Undergraduate Student
Gregg Sanborn, Associate Vice President for Advancement/Alumni Relations
Mick Walsh, Ph.D. Candidate, Biological Sciences
Communities and Alliances:  Expanding and Deepening UNH’s Strategic Partnerships
Taylor Eighmy, Interim Vice President for Research
Ken Fuld, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Neil Niman, Chair, Durham Town Council
Marty Scarano, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

UNH and the World: Advancing a Global Perspective
Marco Dorfsman, Associate Professor, Languages, Literature and Culture
P.T. Vasudevan, Professor, Chairperson, Chemical Engineering
Georgeann Murphy, Coordinator, IROP; Adjunct Associate Professor, English

Sustainability: Extending the UNH Commitment
Guy Eaton, Facilities Operations; Chair, PAT Council
Erica Johnson, Director, InterOperability Laboratory
Tom Kelly, Chief Sustainability Officer
Resource Steering Committee Members:
Dick Cannon, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Megan Davis, Chief of Staff, Office of the President (ex officio)
Mark Huddleston, President
Lisa MacFarlane, Senior Vice-Provost
Bruce Mallory, Provost and Executive Vice President; Professor of Education