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PAE Plaque Image

The master Presidential Award of Excellence plaque hangs in the lobby of Thompson Hall. Each year the 5 new staff recipients names are added

Presidential Award of Excellence

Previous Recipients


Lisa Canfield, Education Department
Tracey Harvey, Mechanical Engineering
Regina McCarthy, Academic Counseling, UNHM
Anne Lawing, Student and Academic Services
John C. Porter, Extension Educator


Sinthy Kounlasa, Whittemore School of Business and Economics
Donald Sebourn, Facilities Services
William Conk, Housing
Tom Oxford, Animal and Nutritional Sciences
Judith Bush, Extension Educator


Janet Harris, Health Services
Rebecca Howard, Kinesiology
Fay Rubin, Complex Systems Research Center
Nancy Whitehouse, Animal and Nutritional Sciences
Tom Buob, Extension Educator


Gloria VanBeaver, Graduate School
Ruth Wolcott, Housekeeping Services
Barbara Sirois Doyle, Presidential Commissions
Lynn Smith, Telecommunications
Jeffrey Schloss, Extension Educator


Kathleen Curran, Division of Continuing Education
Betsy Peck, Housekeeping Services
John McLean, Plant Biology
Gail Stewart, Biochemistry
Deborah Luppold, Extension Educator


Doris Chase, Housekeeping Services
Cindy Glidden, Recreation Management and Policy
Kathleen Grace-Bishop, Health Services
Jane Jean, UNHM
Barbara Hunter, Extension Educator


Elizabeth Lane, Education Department
Christine Hamann, School of Health and Human Services
Antonietta Taylor, Institutional Research
Richard Umile, Athletics
Valerie Long, Extension Educator


Marion Ransom, Child Study Development Center
Maria Russell, Communication Disorders
Christopher Robarge, Thompson School
Katherine Roberts, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Philip Auger, Extension Educator


Tracey Lonergan, UNHM
Lonn Sattler, Registrar’s Office
Sue Bruns, Animal Sciences
Laurie Stearns, Cooperative Extension
Roland Barnaby, Extension Educator


Jeanne Dutka, Philosophy
Roland Goodbody, Dimond Library
Cindy Chase, Biochemistry
Donna Reed, Registrar’s Office
William Lord, Extension Educator


Frank Cartwright, Dining
Carolyn Ross, Housing
Stephanie Behan, Payroll
Emery Booska, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
Paula Gregory, Extension Educator


Iola Barr, Dining
Michaele Canfield, Education
Roger Beaudoin, UNH Police
Tory Poulin, English


Valerie Cunningham, Counseling Center
Jean Mitchell, Housekeeping
Blaine Cox, Property Maintenance
Richard Jennings, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Francis Cormier, Plant Maintenance
Richard Wallace, Dining
Kathleen Grace-Bishop, Health Services
Sue Goldin, Theatre and Dance


Ruth Abelmann, Residential Life
Florence Marble, Dining


Lottie Davis, Telecommunications
Jean Hills, Memorial Union Building
Alta Massey, Dining
Christiane Sovyak, Women’s Commission/Humanities
Jean Harley, Commissary
Paul Lavoie, Hyperbaric Chamber


Suzanne Easter, Telecommunications
Jack Googins, Dining
Gerianne Verla, Residential Hall
Edwina Warburton, Business Office
Kay Chaltas, Nursing
Vickee Perron , Athletic Ticket Office


*indicates recognition was titled Professional Services Award