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Presidential Award of Excellence

Charlotte Cross


Extension Professor/Specialist - Youth and Family, Cooperative Extension

It takes a special person to work in Youth and Family Services. It is challenging helping young people navigate those tough teen years. It is equally challenging working with families in crisis, whether it’s coping with an incarcerated father or a mother who has been deployed overseas. Thankfully, Charlotte Cross, a Cooperative Extension youth and family professor/specialist, is one of those special people.

For more than 30 years, Charlotte has tirelessly served young people and families throughout the state. Her knowledge and research of social issues and public policy are wide reaching. Equally vast are the services she has facilitated and created to help young people and families. Whether it’s an empirical study or a program or committee, if it relates to youth and family services in New Hampshire, chances are Charlotte has had a hand in it.

Charlotte has shown a particular gift for identifying and delivering results in underserved areas. For the past decade, Charlotte has helped military families, particularly children; cope with having a family member deployed overseas. She was part of a team that developed a series of adventure camps for military youth, letting them get away for a while from the stresses at home. She also partnered with 4-H and Operation: Military Kids on a number of service projects to reach out to the state’s military families.

Charlotte’s work is exceptional for its commitment to data-driven actions.  Her multi-year Teen Assessment Project included a comprehensive evaluation of the state of teens in New Hampshire. By working with leaders and families in communities across the state, the program collected useful data for further research while bringing important players in Youth and Family Services field together.

Charlotte’s passion for helping young people and her many years of service to the University community and the state are why she is honored with the 2013 Presidential Award of Excellence.

-- University Communications and Marketing
-- Mike Ross, UNH Photographic Services