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Presidential Award of Excellence

Deborah Briand


Academic Student Services Assistant,
Justice Studies Program
College of Liberal Arts

Managing the day-to-day tasks of a university department can be tough. Helping build an entirely new major is a daunting endeavor. Deborah Briand, the academic student services assistant for the Justice Studies Program, was a key behind-the-scenes contributor to the creation of this dual major, and later master’s degree program. Deborah kept faculty on track each step of the way, reminding them of important deadlines and organizing the endless paperwork.

Deborah has continued to provide valuable support for the Justice Studies Program, going beyond her duties as an administrator nearly every day, yet without showing even a hint of stress. Deborah also possesses a rare gift – the ability to read and understand a budget! It is her knowledge of the financial and administrative workings of a university department that have helped make Justice Studies the thriving program it is today.

In the decade since its inception, Justice Studies has gone from 20 students to more than 300. Deborah is familiar with nearly every one of them. Officially, she is the freshman and sophomore adviser. But in reality, she dispenses advice and offers help to all students who enter the Justice Studies office. Deborah has a calm and friendly way about her that puts students at ease. And her deep knowledge of academics and procedures has charted a workable pathway for many an overwhelmed student.

Despite her heavy workload, Deborah also contributes to the UNH community as a volunteer for the Office of Conduct and Mediation Appeals Board. Deborah gives her time reviewing these sometimes complicated cases, helping ensure UNH is a safe and just environment for students. For her hard work, knowledge and commitment to not only her program, but also the entire University, we honor Deborah with the 2013 Presidential Award for Excellence.

-- University Communications and Marketing
-- Mike Ross, UNH Photographic Services