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University-wide Staff Awards
2006 Recipients

Financial Aid group UNH Financial Aid Office

The 2006 Kidder Award

photo: Back row L to R: David Mariano, Linda Doherty, Kim Rhine, Jennifer Smith, Beth Cilley, Michael Spillane. Front row L to R: Suzy Allen, Jessica Menegoni, Joe Murphy, Betsy Joslin, Maris Madden. Not pictured: Cindy Mills, Jill Sikora, and Kim Therrien.

Each year, the President's Commission on the Status of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues (GLBT) presents the Kidder Award to those students, faculty, and staff members whose outstanding efforts foster a greater understanding of sexual orientation.

The staff of the UNH Financial Aid Office received a 2006 Kidder Award for their work helping students who, in the process of coming out, lose the financial support of their families. This exemplary commitment to tolerance and confidentiality has positively impacted the lives of many students.

Congratulations and thank you to the members of the UNH Financial Aid Office:

  • Susan K. Allen, Director, Athletic Aid Coordinator
  • Elizabeth R. Cilley, Assistant Director, Federal Work-Study Coordinator
  • Linda Doherty, Financial Aid Counselor
  • Betsy Joslin, Loan Coordinator
  • Maris E. Madden, Assistant Director, Graduate Student Coordinator
  • David J. Mariano, Financial Aid Counselor
  • Jessica Menegoni, Information Specialist
  • Cynthia A. Mills, Assistant Director, Special Programs Coordinator
  • Joseph Murphy, Information Specialist
  • Kim Rhine, Accountant
  • Jill Sikora, Information Technologist
  • Jennifer M. Smith, Assistant Director, Communication Coordinator
  • Michael B. Spillane, Assistant Director, Endowed Scholarship Coordinator
  • Kim Therrien, Information Technologist

About the Kidder Award



Sean McGhee Sean McGhee

The 2006 Social Justice Award

Off campus, Sean McGhee donates his time to organizations and projects involving activism, education, and cultural resources such as the New Hampshire Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Portsmouth Heritage Trail.

Sean McGhee was the staff member recipient of a 2006 Social Justice Award.

McGhee is director of multicultural student affairs at UNH. He is known for stabilizing and organizing the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) into a vital force for education, service, and social action in the community.

In his time with OMSA, he has broadened the definition of multiculturalism and diversity at the University. He has helped transform the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration into a premier, multi-day event. Because of this, the event itself has become a catalyst for social action and change on campus. Perhaps most importantly, McGhee is recognized for what one award nominator calls the "often invisible work" at which he is so adept: ensuring that students, faculty, and staff are treated fairly and with dignity, thus empowering them to thrive at UNH.

Says University Chaplain Larry Brickner-Wood, "On a campus where so many are deserving of this award, I can't think of anyone more deserving than Sean."

About the Social Justice Award



Judy Spiller Judy Spiller

The 2006 UNH Women's Commission Stephanie Thomas Staff Award

In addition to her work as interim director of the University Advising and Career Center, Judy Spiller participates on the UNH Diversity Council and is co-chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues.

Judy Spiller received this year's Women's Commission Stephanie Thomas Staff Award. Spiller is associate provost of academic achievement and support at UNH. A former Women's Commission chairperson herself, she is known as a passionate supporter of women's rights and an outspoken advocate for under-represented groups on campus.

"Judy has been a tireless worker for equality on this campus," says Cari Moorhead, associate dean of the UNH Graduate School. "She is a leader, a visionary, a role model, a mover and shaker."

Currently, Spiller is working on reinstituting the Safe Zone program on campus, which gives faculty, staff, administrators, and students a non-verbal means of illustrating that they are a safe contact for all of the diverse individuals on campus, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or other differentiators, in order to provide a comfortable and supportive environment in which all campus community members may learn and grow.

About the Women's Commission Award



Amy Dickens Amy Dickens

The 2006 UNH Professional Advising Award

In addition to her advising talents, Amy Dickens has also endeared herself to the UACC staff as the most reliable producer of ripe tomatoes, squash, string beans, and other vegetables each August.

The recipient of this year's UNH Professional Advising Award is Amy Dickens. Dickens has been an academic and career counselor in the University Advising and Career Center (UACC) for more than five years and is also an adviser for the UNH Health Professions Program.

She is known for her calm persona, comforting manner, and skill at empowering students to take personal responsibility for their own progress.

According to Associate Provost of Academic Achievement and Support Judy Spiller, "Amy is a master adviser, who intuitively knows when to push students and when to pull them. She gives the same care and attention, and demands the same high performance from the undeclared and the highly motivated pre-health professional students. UNH's recent track record with medical school admissions reflects in no small part Amy's dedication and persistence supporting our students through the application process."

Before joining the UACC, Dickens taught animal and nutritional science classes and advised students within the equine science major in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.

About the Professional Advising Award



Bruce Mallory Bruce L. Mallory

The President's Excellence Through Diversity Award

Bruce Mallory says the Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 largely shaped his professional and scholarly career. He has been a professor of early childhood and special education since 1979 and became provost in July of 2003.

Bruce Mallory, provost and executive vice president, has maintained a life-long commitment to issues of diversity and inclusion. Growing up in suburban Washington, D.C., he witnessed first-hand the struggle for equality. He points to pivotal events during his lifetime that convinced him that with his level of comfort and opportunity came a responsibility - Brown v. Board of Education, JFK's New Frontier, the assassinations of Kennedy, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy, and more recently, passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Matthew Shepard tragedy, and Massachusetts' acceptance of same-sex marriage.

"I realize how fortunate I have been to grow up in the last half of the twentieth century," he says. "This award is a sign to me that my commitment to inclusion and social justice is making an impact. I've seen a lot of progress, but I also recognize the dangers of complacency."

Here at UNH, Mallory says he is proud of the faculty for having so clearly expressed these fundamental commitments and values. "I am honored to work with the faculty toward these ideals. Still, our work is only just beginning on this campus."

About the President's Excellence Through Diversity Award