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Presidential Award of Excellence


Shawn Roche

Facility Manager
New Hampshire Public Television

“I'm an army of one, I guess,” Roche smiles. “I just take care of things. I treat this place like my home.”

Since Shawn Roche joined the staff at New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV) as facility manager three and a half years ago, co–workers report that his contributions and exceptional services are too numerous to mention. They say that the station, quite literally, sparkles under his care.

"I'm the army of one, I guess," Roche smiles. "I just like to take care of things. I treat this place like my home."

He has become a master at tackling all challenges that come his way–always with a cheerful, can–do attitude. For Roche, who is also a custom woodworker, taking care of things ranges from helping staff design stage sets and building walls and tables, to putting up a rack system for the computer room, to setting up a movie screen, to regularly changing all the filters in the building.

His ingenuity is legendary at NHPTV. When the need arose, he constructed a loading ramp using leftover materials from previous projects. He has provided makeshift ventilation and cooling in stifling summer heat when the air conditioning failed, and cleared a skating rink in the winter for the production crew to shoot scenes. When an important event was imminent, he came in on a weekend to shampoo rugs, replace carpet runners, and plow back the snow banks in the parking lot to save the station expenses.

“If I can save a thousand dollars, that may make a difference,” he says.

Helpful in a myriad of ways, Roche has been known to clean off staff cars in the middle of snowstorms; and, after work hours in summer, as a certified kayak instructor (through the American Canoe Association), he has instructed staff on kayak safety.

In his free time, Roche teaches recreational kayak safety for Mountain Road Trading Post in Raymond, N.H. "I teach basic safety around lakes and boats," he explains. "Self rescue, assisted rescue, kayak strokes, and how to be safe on the water." He especially likes to paddle his Artesian Millenium kayak up in Maine near his father's home, from Westport to Boothbay and back.

Roche lives with his partner Betsy Warrington and is Dad to an extended family of three daughters: Melinda, Alicia, and Keri; and a son, Mark. He considers the staff at Channel 11 to be family as well. "I wasn't expecting an award. I do the best I can to take care of them. That's just me. The award surprised me and it was really, really nice. And a bit embarrassing."

- Mary Peterson