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Presidential Award of Excellence


Kate Ferreira

Center for Graduate and Professional Studies
UNH Manchester


“Time is passing here,”
she laughs.
“I have
to get
it all in.”

For Kate Ferreira, the inspiration of her work comes from people–her co-workers and the UNH Manchester (UNHM) students.

“It's amazing working with graduate students in the format that our programs are offered, geared to working professionals. They come at night and on weekends, they're motivated and committed, they want to be better. These people are juggling families, careers, community responsibilities, and they take graduate school on as well.”

Any graduate students who sit in a seat at UNHM will be able to tell you about Kate Ferreira. They could tell how they met her, or about the personal attention they received in coming to the center's office, and how she is always available to students regardless of the hour. If the light is on in the office, her door is open.

They will also laugh when they share that anyone who has ever met Kate has been asked the question, “Can I interest you in a graduate–level program?”

Ferreira has been the inspirational leader of the center since its inception nearly four years ago, and since that time, enrollments have nearly tripled. Her leadership is credited, as well as her character.

When Ferreira speaks about her students' motivation, commitment, and juggling of responsibilities, she could be speaking about herself. Together with her husband, Steve, this one woman whirlwind is a member of Manchester's Shiloh Christian Fellowship, where she conducts a ladies prayer meeting every week and runs a special church program for elementary school children once a month.

She's active in Manchester's “Food for Children,” handing out grocery items to families who are homeless, in need, or in transition. She serves on the Education Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. She was just appointed to the Board of Directors of the Salvation Army–through a connection with a former student. “He called me and asked, and I said, 'Oh my heart, I would be so interested!'”

And, in 1996, Ferreira became a licensed motorcyclist. Together with her husband, she loves riding her Yamaha 650 V-Star Classic on the back roads of New Hampshire. They also visit Tennessee to see their daughter, Beth, son–in–law, Randy, and first grandchild, John Andrew Stevens.

“Time is passing here,” she laughs. “I have to get it all in. I get the privilege, my family and peers get the credit, but God gets the glory!”

- Mary Peterson