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Chemical Engineering Alumni

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UNH Chemical Engineering Alumni

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of New Hampshire offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering. At the BS level, all courses in the department are taught by full-time faculty, and many of our undergraduates are engaged in research and summer internships. Our undergraduate program offers a BS in Chemical Engineering,  a BS inBioengineering, and a BS in Environmental Engineering – Industrial Processes. Several ChE faculty have received awards both at the university and national levels including awards for teaching excellence.




Health Management and Policy Alumni

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UNH Health Management and Policy Alumni

The HMP alumni group serves to connect alums and students from the University of NH program in health management and policy. The goal of the group is to link members for social and professional networking, professional development, and also to provide connections and opportunities for students. Each year members of the group provide professionalism help and organizational information sessions for studnets through the HMP Student Organization for Health Leadership.

Hospitality Management Alumni

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UNH Hospitality Management Alumni


International Affairs Alumni

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UNH International Affairs Alumni