UNH Social Media Guidelines  

Social Media Guidelines

  1. Recognize that everything you contribute to, or receive on a social media site is in the public realm. You are responsible for whatever information you post.
  2. Every UNH employee has a basic responsibility to safeguard and preserve the assets and resources of UNH and its component institutions and to conduct work duties in an ethical and professional manner. See the University System of New Hampshire Standard of Conduct and Personnel Policies.
  3. The same professional standards expected of you on the job should be applied to your conduct in UNH-related social media matters.
  4. Post meaningful, respectful comments that are relevant to your position at UNH. So, please—no spam, or remarks that are off-topic or offensive.
  5. Use commonsense and courtesy in creating University-related social media content. If you have even the slightest doubt, ask your supervisor if the content you want to post is appropriate—BEFORE you post!
  6. Stick to your area of expertise when posting.
  7. If the public shares an opinion that you disagree with on a UNH-related social media site, keep your response appropriate, professional, and polite. Sometimes, it is best to not respond at all.
  8. Be aware that social media sites’ terms of service and privacy policies can change, without notice. In general, social media sites are privately owned and operated.
  9. Please, never comment on anything related to legal matters or pending litigation.
  10. Integrate your social media channels across all existing digital properties and websites. Wherever interaction takes place is an opportunity to connect. This will increase your followers and help amplify your messages through social media.

These guidelines are designed to help UNH staff and students create and contribute to University-related electronic social media and to do so in a respectful, professional, and relevant way that protects the university’s reputation and mission. We recognize the value in this medium and encourage participation by UNH units as long as it falls within communication needs and goals.

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