Living Case Studies Social Sector Franchise Accelerator

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Welcome to the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise’s Social Sector Franchise Initiative Living Case Study Accelerator web pages. The Living Case Study Social Sector Franchise Accelerator is an action learning and research project, which will take place over eight months with entrepreneurs who are new or emerging social sector franchisers. These social sector franchise case subjects will receive intensive organizational support including mentoring with a commercial franchise expert from the International Franchise Association’s Social Sector Task Force Mentoring program, participating in online learning events and on-going support from the Social Sector Franchise Initiative at the University of New Hampshire. The social sector franchises will be studied through case research conducted by UNH students and faculty that will document the Living Case Study Accelerator process. We invite you to follow along as we chronicle the progress of the franchisers through periodic reports and webinars. Watch this page and sign up for updates below. 


How the cases were selected 

Our Living Case Study Subjects were selected from winners of the International Franchise Association’s NextGen Competition, which engages young entrepreneurs who are seeking careers and business opportunities in the franchising industry. The subjects were chosen because they are each at a different stage of maturity and complexity. Each subject submitted a detailed questionnaire describing how their franchise is organized, funded, their target market and other important data.

What happened during the Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable (SSFIR) 2016

The Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable (SSFIR) was an invitation only conference convening a diverse cross section of social sector franchise entrepreneurs, commercial franchise experts, social impact donors and investors, scholars, and students. On the first day of the roundtable LCSA subjects made descriptive presentations about their franchise business model and the context in which they operate (you can read these in the subject profiles below). On the second day subjects presented the critical issues they are facing describing their vision, strategic objectives and concerns, questions, or uncertainties about strategy at the unit level, expansion strategy and more.

Then, through a Solutions Iterations Process SSFIR conference participants from diverse backgrounds broke into groups and worked with each of the case subjects to develop action plans. The action plans included specific recommendations for how each critical issue would be addressed, short-term and longer-term actions the franchisers will take, and the specific ways the mentor will provide technical assistance and support to the protégé. 

Living Case Studies Accelerator (LCSA) Activities Milestone Calendar 


September 27-28

Social Sector Franchise Innovations Roundtable at the University of New Hampshire, Durham. Living Case Study protégés (subjects) met their mentors, made presentations describing their franchises and the critical issues they face. A Solutions Iterations Process developed an Action Plan to be carried out by each protégé with the support from their mentor. 

November 7-10 First LCSA Check in between mentors-mentees. What conditions and circumstances have changed since the SSFIR? What adjustments need to be made in the Action Plan? What new insights do mentors have about their protégés and their SSFs? What advice and/or learning have been most useful so far for protégés? What are the next steps?
November 28  LCSA website and case subject blogs launched. 
December 15 Blog post with first Mentor-Protégé calls posted.


Second LCSA Check In calls between mentors-mentees. 

Blog updates from Second LCSA Check In calls posted on LCSA website.  

15 – 21
UNH Student Action Research Assistants visit Rwanda and Malawi for 5-6 days. Students will document key features of the case subjects franchise through interviews, observation, review of pertinent company management documents and marketing materials, discussions with the franchise owner and country director, other key staff members, franchisees, customers and community members. 

January 18 

First Living Case Study Webinar series event. Webinar focus will be a report from the field. Jibu business model for expansion will be explored through interviews with Mark Mutaahi and Galen Welsch. Broadcast audience will be invited to ask questions. 
February 13-16

Third LCSA Check in calls between mentors-mentees. 

February 20 Second Living Case Study Webinar series event. Webinar focus will be on impact investing in SSFs. 

February 23

Blogs from third LCSA Check in calls posted on LCSA website
Third and final Living Case Study Webinar series event. Webinar focus will be on double bottom line measurement of SSF impact. Details to be announced.
28 - 30
Fourth and final LCSA Check in calls between mentors-mentees.

Blogs from fourth LCSA Check in calls posted on LCSA website.


Living Case Studies ready for final editing.