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Computing @ UNH - Office 2007 Migration

Jason Boucher and Diane Byron

November, 2008

Office 2007 iconOver the past six months, many UNH departments have upgraded Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2007.

In March 2007, the UNH Supported Products Advisory Committee (SPAC) approved Office 2007 as a CIS supported product, making it the version of choice at UNH. Many UNH departments have switched to Office 2007 due to its efficiencies in reduced file size, compatibility across platforms (PC to Mac), improved file security, and reduced chances of file corruption. CIS is encouraging all departments to migrate to Office 2007 and is ready to support its use.

The CIS Training Center offers a course to meet the needs of UNH staff upgrading to Office 2007. The two hour course has been in high demand and is most effective when offered to entire departments. The opportunity for departments to learn about Office 2007 as a cohesive team has helped maintain productivity and efficiency, especially when upgrading several staff members at once.

Dimond Library staff upgraded to Office 2007 immediately following the training session. Systems Librarian Val Harper said of the training, “We understood that Office 2007 was very different than previous versions and wanted to be sure we could both maintain our productivity and master the learning curve. Doing that for almost 75 people at once was daunting. The workshops presented by the CIS Training Center really helped us reach that goal. And doing it hands-on -- not just a demo -- was hugely effective.”

Visit the CIS Training Center online at cis.unh.edu/trainingcenter to register for the next Computing @UNH: Office 2007 Migration class or click on the E-mail us link if you are interested in arranging a class for members of your department.


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