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Review Tab Features for Collaborative Editing in Word 2007

Nikky Homstad

November, 2008

Collaboratively editing documents in Word 2007 can be made easier with the use of the Review tab features, including Comments, Tracking, and Changes.

The Comment feature allows document collaborators to communicate without changing the document’s content. Select the text within a document on which to be commented and click New Comment to add a note. Comments do not have to be used in conjunction with Track Changes, but certainly enhance collaborative editing.

Tracking is a feature which displays and highlights any edits made to a document, and can be activated by toggling Track Changes on. Some of the most helpful features of Track Changes include:

• Each editor’s changes are made using a unique pen color, making edits distinguishable.
• The ability to view the edited document in several ways:

Choosing Final Showing Markup will show all of the edits within the document.

Choosing Final will show the document as it would be if the edits were accepted, without showing the markup.

Choosing Original will show the document as it was in its original state.

The Changes section contains features which allow the work of all of document collaborators to be reviewed and either accepted or rejected. This can be done for each individual change made to the document or for all of the changes in the entire document as a whole. It is important to remember to do this before sharing the final version of the document to those who should not see a history of all of the edits.

Please visit microsoft.com/office/greattips/products.mspx for more Office 2007 tips and tricks.


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