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Computer Accounts for New Employees - Navigating the Process

Paul Hodgdon and Diane Byron

November, 2008

AccountsComputer accounts are essential to accessing many UNH resources, and every manager wants to have these accounts up and running for new employees on their first day of work. This can be a challenge as UNH Usernames are only created if the entire Human Resources business cycle is completed for status employees. This involves coordination with the new employee, the departmental Business Service Center (BSC), Human Resources and the completion of the I-9 and Employee Personnel Action Form (EPAF) forms.

Computing and Information Services (CIS) Account Administrators often hear questions from managers on how to navigate through the computer account process, especially when the Human Resource business cycle is not complete. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that will help managers get new employees the accounts they need:

How do I know if my new employee is in the HR system with a UNH Username?
Check with your BSC to be sure a completed I-9 has been filed and an EPAF has been completed and approved by HR. This should be in place at least one week in advance of your employee’s first day to get accounts setup in time.

What’s next if the employee is in the HR system?
Your new status employee will have a UNH Username and active Blackboard account (handy for new faculty to help prepare for upcoming courses). However, you will need to follow the application process for all other accounts. Visit accounts.unh.edu to find instructions for each account that is needed (i.e. Banner, Exchange). This should be done ASAP as some accounts may take up to two weeks to be created.

What should I do if my new employee is not in HR yet?
Visit accounts.unh.edu, click on New Employees in the navigation window and choose the New Employee Hire Verification Form. By filling out this form, you are requesting a BSC manager to verify the upcoming employment of the new employee. This process extends approval to CIS Account Administrators to create a UNH Username and Blackboard account. The process then instructs you on how to begin the application process for all other accounts.

When will the new employee have access to the accounts?
With the exception of Blackboard, accounts that have been created will not be available to the new employee until their start date. If you have requested accounts early, your new employee can obtain their account and password information on their first day of work by contacting a CIS Account Administrator at the CIS Help Desk & Dispatch Center at 862-4242, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

My new employee needs their UNH E-mail address prior to their start date. What should I do?
On rare occasions there are instances where there is a business need to have a UNH E-mail account prior to the employee’s start date. Once a UNH Username has been established (either the employee is in HR or an Employee Hire Verification Form has been approved) the UNH E-mail account must be sponsored. Visit accounts.unh.edu and click on Sponsored Users under the Quick Link list to apply.

My new employee is an active UNH student. Is there anything special I need to do?
The application process outlined at accounts.unh.edu must be followed for most accounts, although some exceptions do apply for student access to administrative systems. For example, Exchange accounts require Sponsorship for students.

Most account-related questions can be answered by visiting accounts.unh.edu, or by calling the CIS Help Desk at 862-4242.


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