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Confused About VPN?

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Martin England

Over the summer, UNH Telecom delivered a new web-based VPN
(https://vpn.unh.edu ) to the university community, making it easier for students, faculty and staff to connect without the lingering question of ‘Which connection should I use?’ or the need to download and install a separate VPN application. It’s also accessible from any Internet-friendly computer.

The new VPN does not affect folks who use the Nortel client to access administrative systems, such as Banner HR, Finance or Student, Kronos or Webi. If you use the Nortel Contivity Client to access these systems, continue to take a business-as-usual.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are essential to securing sensitive data in transit. Through encryption, VPNs match identities with the appropriate resources through the use of credentials (usernames and passwords), a process akin to providing train passengers specific tickets to exclusive destinations (these tickets would also restrict which stops you could access). Here at UNH, VPN protects our administrative software systems (Banner HR, Finance and Student), as well as many other valuable university resources, both on campus and off.

The new VPN will also still allow faculty and staff to access Exchange from on & off-campus, along with a myriad of other non-administrative systems applications, such as Blackboard and UNH Library resources. For more information, please visit vpn.unh.edu.

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