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Office 2007 Tips & Tricks

Jason Boucher

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File Saving & Compatibility

If you are new to Microsoft Office™ 2007 but still have contacts and coworkers who use previous versions of the suite, work can be saved as Office 1997 - 2003 files (thus allowing access to all) without issue. Since it is still very new, this may come in handy for communication between offices. The new XML format (and file extensions) within Office™ 2007 can be easily altered to save each file as a Microsoft Office™ 1997-2003 document by default. The following example applies to Word 2007, but can also be applied to other Microsoft Office 2007 applications:

1. Open Microsoft Word in the Office™ 2007 Suite.
2. Click the Office button.
3. Choose the Word Options button in the lower right-hand corner.
4. Click Save in the left-hand menu.
5. Under the Save Documents section, click the first dropdown menu.
6. Change document to Word 1997-2003.
7. Click OK.

Every Word document will now save as a Microsoft Office™ 1997-2003 format, by default.


Have You Ever Used Hot Keys?

Microsoft Office™ has always included keyboard shortcuts, sometimes referred to as hot keys because of their one-step functionality. In prior versions of Office, pushing the Alt key would highlight the File menu, allowing the user to select any letter underlined on the screen to access that resource. Now with Microsoft Office™ 2007, users can push the Alt key and see every hot key listed on the page. Simply press the corresponding letter (or number) on the screen and the action is completed. This makes for easier use throughout Microsoft Office™ 2007, especially as a time-saver, or without the use of a mouse.


Published on April 27, 2007

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