December 2008

Vol. 7, No. 2


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Enterprise Applications Now Require New VPN

CIS Staff

VPNThe Computing and Information Services’ (CIS) Enterprise Computing Group (ECG) and Telecommunications rolled out a new Web-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) in January 2009. ECG is asking various users from UNH, PSU, KSC, GSC and USNH to perform initial testing. » more...


Document Imaging? Accepted!

Jessica Michelsen

vpnThe Undergraduate Admissions Office staff at the University of New Hampshire work in a beautiful old house in the middle of campus. Typical of most old houses, space is in short supply. That’s a bit of a problem, because the admissions process at UNH generates a lot of paper. » more...

Computing Alert: AV 2009

CIS Staff

TrojanThe AntiVirus (AV) 2009 malware family is wreaking havoc across campus, costing many students, faculty, and staff hours of time to both identify and remove this Trojan while slowing computers to a crawl. Here are some quick FAQs to get you up to speed. » more...

Don't Wait for Security Alerts

Petr Brym

Security AlertsE-mail users everywhere are subjected daily to unwanted and/or malicious E-mail messages. Most of us see only a fraction of these messages, because Internet Service Providers and E-mail administrators typically filter out many of them. Unfortunately, these service providers cannot stop all such messages; » more...


Sending Secure Files using Adobe Acrobat

Katherine Derby

acrobatIt is critical to take precautions when sending documents containing sensitive or confidential information. This is especially important if you choose to send the information by E-mail. Luckily, it is now easy to send information to others on/off-campus using Adobe Acrobat. While this option is not bulletproof, it is a major improvement over the practice of sending non-encrypted or non password-protected documents via E-mail.» more...

CIS Reminder Regarding Free Products

CIS Staff

CIS is committed to informing and educating the UNH community about new technologies. CIS would like to caution and remind you to review all free Web offers that sound too good to true.

Please use the following guidelines before downloading or accessing free services on the Web: » more...


LibriVox: iPods Aren't Just For Music Anymore

Mike Henninger

LeopardiPods are invariably linked to music the same way pages are to books. I own an iPod, but as a bibliophile, my playlists contain more audio books than music. Considering Harry Potter’s latest audio book runs in the $50 range, this can be an expensive practice. Fortunately, LibriVox provides a free alternative. » more...

Ion U-Record

Jason Boucher

ion u-record

Are you looking for a gadget that will allow you to turn your old vinyl and cassettes into MP3s? The Ion U-Record can do just that. If you still have a turntable or a cassette deck with an audio output, you can use this $50 gadget to digitize those long-lost songs.» more...

iPod Touch

Katherine Derby

ipod touchOn a recent layover at an airport, I realized why my iPod Touch is the one gadget I can’t live without.

» more...


Resetting File Associations in Vista

Martin England

VistaAs with its predecessors, Microsoft Windows Vista allows users to associate file extensions with specific software programs. Sometimes this practice is out of necessity, such as when a file type is downloaded that is not associated with a program, while in other instances it is simply out of preference.» more...

Creating a Disk Image File

Jason Boucher

A disk image is a fast, easy way of reproducing a file system or creating backups of important files and folders. A disk image (.dmg) can also be copied to media for duplicate installation on other machines. A .dmg file acts like a real disk and once opened, a volume will appear on the desktop, which can then be opened to access files held inside.» more...


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