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Sponsored Users and new Hire Verification - New Account Policy and Business Process

Mike Henninger and Diane Byron

January 28, 2008

Welcome SignFrequently, non-UNH affiliates (volunteers, contractors, visiting faculty, pending new employees) require access to UNH computing resources. Computing & Information Services has tried to balance this need with the essential of keeping UNH systems and information secure by requiring these non-UNH affiliates to be endorsed by an authorized UNH Sponsor.

On February 11, 2008, a new sponsored account policy and
business process will be launched in support of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and IT Security Policy. Changes to the current process include a higher level of approval authority (a Sponsor is now required to be the President, Provost and Executive Vice President, a Vice President or a Dean), online web application forms, and an automated process to obtain electronic approvals or denials.

The New Process
From our past experience, CIS has learned that the Sponsored User process was being applied for two distinct and separate groups of users. For this reason, the process has been divided into two.

New Employees
The activation of a UNH username is based on an employee’s status in the HR system. Often it is challenging to complete all required paperwork and establish an HR record for a new employee prior to their arrival on campus. To help with the goal of establishing access to computing resources on a new employee’s first day of work, a New Employee Hire Verification Web Form can be completed at any time. If approved by the appropriate BSC Manager, the new faculty or staff member will have MyUNH/Blackboard access prior to their first day, and can apply to have all other accounts created for their first day.

Sponsored Users
The Sponsored User Web Form should be used when a non-UNH affiliate requires access to UNH computing resources. This form must be completed by a UNH status Employee and will be sent electronically to the appropriate Dean, Vice President, Provost and Executive Vice President, the University President or their Designated Sponsor Representative (hence forth referred to as ‘the Sponsor’) for approval. Each Sponsor will verify the Sponsored User’s identity, that the intended use of the system meets the University’s mission, and that the Sponsored User will comply with the AUP.

Security Considerations
The new web forms are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and all data are stored behind multiple firewalls. All personal information is encrypted and only accessible by approved and necessary parties. To increase security, all confidential information will be deleted from the application form after it is processed or after 30 days.

Since a Sponsor is now required to be the President, Provost and Executive Vice President, a Vice President or a Dean, a process of assigning a Designated Sponsored Representative (DSR) to act on their behalf has been put in place for pragmatic purposes. The DSR must be assigned by their unit Sponsor and reaffirmed annually. This change increases the level of secure approval authority and allows CIS to track each Sponsor.

Due to secure access controls for some UNH applications, not all accounts are created automatically after an individual has become sponsored or verified as a new employee. Specific software applications at UNH require the completion of a separate form to establish data steward approval and access level permission within the application.

For more information on any CIS Central System Account please visit http://accounts.unh.edu or call the CIS Help Desk at 862-4242.

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