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Katherine Derby

January 28, 2008

blakcboardAfter much speculation, Apple recently announced several new products for its consumers during MacWorld 2008.

The first, and most anticipated and talked about product is the MacBook Air. MacBook Air has unique features, including a track pad that enables on the fly rotating, pinching, and swiping (think iPhone.) MacBook Air promotes itself as the world's thinnest notebook, and its video demonstration solidifies this statement by placing the entire notebook in a standard, large mailing envelope.

Second, Apple announced a wireless hard drive named Time Capsule that doubles as a personal Wi-Fi routers. Time Capsule was engineered to work seamlessly with Time Machine, a backup utility that is part of the latest Apple operating system, Leopard. What makes Time Capsule truly unique is the ability to backup a system wirelessly. And, with your choice of 500GB or 1 Terabyte, there will be plenty of room for all your other storage needs.

Other hardware news includes the new Mac Pro and the new and the new Xserve sever. They boast an 8 processor core running up to 3.2 MHz with 4TB of storage.

Additional news focused on upgrades or enhancements to existing products including iTunes. Downloading the latest version of iTunes will soon allow subscribers access to standard and hi-def, month-long movie rentals for the first time. After downloading for as little as $2.99, videos may be played back on all current, enabled devices such as a mac/pc, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, etc. Other software upgrades are available for iPods and iPhones, offering additional features.

For more information on availability and pricing, be sure to contact the UNH Computer Store at computerstore.unh.edu. To find out more on these and other new products, please visit www.apple.com/hotnews/.

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