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MyUNH/Blackboard Upgrade Scheduled for June 2008

Terri Winters

January 28, 2008

blakcboardCIS is working on an upgrade to MyUNH/Blackboard (Bb) 7.3 which is tentatively scheduled to occur June 28th. Over the January break, the CIS Enterprise Computing Group successfully created a Bb 7.3 test environment. CIS Academic Technology staff have been testing the 7.3 environment since the week of January 14th, and will continue until spring break (March 17th). CIS is soliciting faculty and staff to help with testing after spring break. If you are interested in assisting with testing, please contact bill.baber@unh.edu.
The major reason for the upgrade is to enable use of the Oracle 10g database environment. This has no effect on the look and feel of Bb, but is an important infrastructure change since it will enable failover to a backup Bb server should Bb go down. There are also improvements to the Discussion Board as well as new gradebook features including an “early warning system” that alerts instructors regarding students who are not performing well. SafeAssignment, the plug-in that supports plagiarism prevention, has been incorporated directly into Bb 7.3. For information on new and improved Bb 7.3 features, please visit http://cis.unh.edu/idc/bb73 features. For the latest information on the Bb 7.3 upgrade process, please visit http://cis.unh.edu/idc/blackboard/.

CIS anticipates that the upgrade process in June will require a full week. To accommodate MyUNH/Bb use in summer school courses and organizations, and to continue access to Webmail, Webcat, and other services, CIS is planning to offer the current Bb 6.3 environment through the UNH Summer Session. The Bb 7.3 environment will be made available for the fall 2008 semester, and faculty will be able to access their fall semester courses in July.

CIS values your input. Please contact Terri Winters (terri.winters@unh.edu, 862-4639) if you have questions or concerns regarding the Bb 7.3 upgrade.

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