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MyUNH Blackboard Just Got Better

Laurie Trufant

April, 2009

Blackboard includes a full-featured content management system that is now available to all students and to faculty who have attended a training session.

So what’s a content management system?

A content management system is a tool that lets users manage and share files, documents, and digital assets in a secure, easy-to-use environment. The Blackboard Content Management System is fully integrated into your
MyUNH Portal and all your Blackboard course and organization sites.

How does Blackboard Content Management work?

The Blackboard Content Management System makes it easier and more efficient to store and back up your files, and to use them in your Blackboard courses and organizations. Without Content Management, you had to upload documents to each course or organization in which you wanted to use them.

With Content Management, you can store your files in the content system once and link to them from any Blackboard course or organization or from any website or E-mail. As a Content Management user, you have your
own personal MyContent folder. Depending on how you set permissions, you can grant access to your files to other UNH Blackboard users or to others outside the UNH community. Visit cis.unh.edu/contentmanagement for ideas on how you can use the Blackboard content management system.

Why would I use a content management system?

Content Management lets you access your files from any networked computer – anytime, anywhere. With the Blackboard Content Management System, you can:

  • Store all your course and personal documents securely.
  • Avoid E-mailing and receiving large files.
  • Make all your documents and files searchable.
  • Back up all your work against technology failure.
  • Share files with people in Bb courses and organizations including groups.
  • Share files with individuals using Bb usernames.
  • Share files with people outside UNH and E-mail them a link.
  • Collect and turn in assignments through links in your Blackboard course.
  • Update your files easily and track versions of them.
  • Easily archive all your work and documents.
  • Store files only once, and use them in many Blackboard courses and organizations.

What do I need to use the Blackboard content management system?
Just like Blackboard, the Content Management System works on both Windows and Mac computers. For best performance, we recommend the following browsers:

For Windows computers:
• Internet Explorer 6
• Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later

For Mac computers:
• Safari version 2.0 or later
• Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later

Please visit cis.unh.edu/pad/bbrowser for more information on UNH-supported browsers and Blackboard plug-ins.

Where do I find the Blackboard Content Management System?

Content Management lives right inside Blackboard. If you are a student, just log into Blackboard and look for the CONTENT tab at the top of your MyUNH page. If you are a faculty or staff member in an academic department, contact Laurie Trufant (L.Trufant@unh.edu, 862-4394) in CIS Academic Technology to arrange for access. Blackboard will recognize you by your login name and open the Content Management System to your personal folder.

Can I organize my content any way I want to?
You can create as many sub-folders inside your My Content area as you need to organize your files. In fact, before you start adding files to your folder, you should plan how you will organize them, because, once you link to a file in your My Content area, you won’t want to change its location. Moving files in your My Content area can result in broken links.

Are my files safe and secure in the content management system?
Yes. One of the big advantages of using the Content Management System is that your files are stored on a secure server.

NOTE: Because the Blackboard Content Management System is Web-based, always remember to log out of Blackboard after using the system, especially if you are using a public computer or are working in a UNH cluster. Simply closing your browser may not completely log you out of the system, and the next person to use that computer may have complete access to all your files and documents.

Where can I learn more about the Blackboard content management system?

If you have questions, or would like to be contacted about using Blackboard Content Management, please contact Laurie Trufant (L.Trufant@unh.edu, 862-4394).



Top ten reasons to use Blackboard Content Management

  1. Store all your course and personal documents securely.
  2. Avoiding E-mailing and receiving large files.
  3. Make all your documents and files searchable.
  4. Back up all your work against technology failure.
  5. Share files with individuals and groups.
  6. Share files with people outside UNH.
  7. Hand in or collect assignments using a link your Blackboard course.
  8. Track versions of your files.
  9. Access your files anywhere, anytime, from any networked computer.
  10. Easily take all of your work and documents with you when you leave UNH.




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