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CIS Tip of the Month:
Mac & PC Keyboard Shortcuts

Jason Boucher

April 1, 2008

Piano KeyboardThere are many keyboard shortcuts available for both the PC and Mac operating systems. Here are some of the most useful shortcuts:



Screen capture:
PC: Print Screen key
Mac: Shift + Command + 3

Select part of the screen for capture:
PC: Alt + Print Screen key
Mac: Shift + Command + 4

Note: In Mac, both these commands will place an image file (.png) on your desktop. On a PC, the screen capture is placed within the clipboard.

Save File:
PC: Ctrl + S
Mac: Command + S

PC: Ctrl + P
Mac: Command + P

PC: Ctrl + Z
Mac: Command + Z

Quit Program:
PC: Alt + F4
MAC: Command + Q

Show Desktop:
PC: Windows key + D
Mac: Option + Command + W