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SIGNAL is an undergraduate student organization based out of WSBE that helps students gain a real world perspective on Growth, Networking and Leadership. We do this primarily by bringing in organizational leaders from diverse environments to learn about what has made them successful as individuals and as the leaders of successful organizations. We also sponsor panel discussions with recent SIGNAL/WSBE alumni to learn about making a successful transition between student life and the managerial environment. Finally, we will build relationships with regional businesses and with other regional business schools, in order to promote the image of UNH, WSBE, and SIGNAL throughout New England, and to learn how to lead organizations to become vital parts of their communities.
SIGNAL stands for Students Interested in Growth, Networking, And Leadership. As such, we are committed to:

Growth, both personal and organizational.

We are interested learning about the personal growth and development of organizational leaders from a wide variety of different industries and contexts. We invite recognized organizational leaders to come and talk to us about their own personal development paths, how they became the leaders that they are, and inspire us with these stories and also the skills, tactics, and techniques that they have acquired along the way.
We are committed to the premise that successful, long-term, organizational growth must be achieved in a sustainable manner that shows respect for all stakeholders, which may include stockholders, management, line employees, customers, the regional community and the physical environment. In our increasingly interconnected, interdependent world, we realize that representation from a wide variety of groups ultimately leads to higher quality products, better relationships with customers and other external stakeholders, and a more efficient use of the physical resources of our planet. We invite business leaders to talk to us about the difficulties they have faced in implementing long-term, sustainable growth practices, as well as the rewards that they anticipate receiving from these actions.

Networking, both learning about networking and building our own personal networks.

We know that building a personal network is an important aspect of business success. This network consists of people who can share us with information and contacts, and with whom we likewise will share information and contacts. We realize that successfully building our own personal network can be accomplished in two ways. First, by learning tips and tactics to help us build our own network. This may include techniques to successfully store and manage networking information, to make a positive impression on people, and build reciprocal relationships with others. Second, we will begin building our own personal networks through SIGNAL events in a variety of different ways; building relationships with SIGNAL members, with SIGNAL (and other WSBE ) alumni, and with guest speakers at SIGNAL events. This will not only help us as individuals to find jobs as we develop our careers, but will also help future generations of WSBE students and SIGNAL alumni to be seen as employees of choice by a wide variety of regional businesses.

Leadership, both organizational and individual.

The members of SIGNAL feel that having mentors and models of organizational leadership are key factors impacting our own leadership ability. Consequently, we will take multiple steps to building mentor relationships and understanding multiple models of organizational leadership. These may include steps such as: bringing in guest speakers to talk about the leadership challenges they have faced; supporting the Holloway Seminar Series in Entrepreneurship through active attendance and participation; creating a discussion group that will focus on books outlining the lives and leadership styles of corporate leaders; sponsoring seminars and conferences for regional businesses and students to learn more about cutting edge leadership thought.
Additionally, the members of SIGNAL recognize that mentors and models of leadership are not sufficient to build our own leadership skill. Consequently, we will actively encourage all members of SIGNAL to find positions of leadership and authority within campus organizations. These may be honor societies, sports teams, Greek organizations, service clubs, or any other extra-curricular organization. Members of SIGNAL will help each other become successful leaders of these organizations by actively networking within SIGNAL, holding periodic discussions to discuss the trials and tribulations of leading one's peers, and by providing each other with helpful, critical feedback on issues of peer and group leadership. By doing this, we will not only be building our own leadership skills, but also giving back to the university community by helping to lead student organizations to higher levels of success.
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